8 Efficient Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Summer Marketing Ideas

With summer just a month away, it’s time to come up with attractive marketing ideas to capture the attention of customers during this awesome season! Have a brainstorming session with your team and ensure you pave a successful marketing path for your business this summer.

At Promo Direct, we get hundreds of orders for our range of summer giveaways. Our team also provides useful summer marketing ideas through emails and calls. We have compiled some of our effective and popular ideas for your reference below:

  1. Distribute summer giveaways

We strongly recommend distributing useful summer giveaways that can help remind customers and employees about your brand during the entire season! Browse through our website or get in touch us for some cool summer-themed giveaways!

  1. Rely on the power of outdoor banners

Place outdoor banners at busy locations throughout town. It could be a mall, a festival, an event or an important intersection. A banner will help kick-start your summer promotions and give your brand valuable outdoor visibility!

  1. Ask social media followers to post summer pictures

Engage with followers on your company’s social media pages and ask them to share interesting summer pictures. You could give away prizes for the best pictures.

  1. Sponsor local events

Sponsor local events such as concerts, festivals or awareness campaigns. Print posters and flyers showcasing your association with the event. Count on gaining valuable goodwill through these events.

  1. Send out direct mail postcards

Send out summer postcards to existing customers, helping them remember your services during the season.

  1. Print a summer catalog

Do you represent a retail business? If yes, it’s a great idea to release a summer catalog and send it out to customers. A handy mailing list will provide useful returns.

  1. Host a barbeque party

A barbeque party is a great idea to strengthen business ties. Invite important clients to a party at home or work – show them that you care about their continuous patronage! Give them an extra reason to think fondly about your brand!

  1. Partner with other businesses

Partnering with non-competitive businesses will give your company an edge over competitors. Offer discounts that can prove beneficial for you and your partner. Let customers reap the benefits of multiple services by doing business at one outlet.

We hope these marketing ideas will help you launch an exciting advertising campaign this season. Get in touch with our team and we will provide you with useful insights that can take your brand in the right marketing direction!

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