6 Tips For Hosting A Successful Marketing Industry Event

Marketing events provide a wealth of opportunities for businesses to network, learn, and discover the latest trends in the industry. 2017 witnessed some great marketing events across the USA such as iMedia Summit, Social Media Marketing World, Digiday Brand Summit, Content Marketing World, and Orbit Media’s Content Jam. The first half of 2018 has already witnessed its fair share of successful marketing events.

Would you like your company to host a marketing event that is well-attended and appreciated by all? If your answer is YES, then continue reading…

Most popular events are hosted by industry veterans with years of experience in the hospitality industry. They know how to attract visitors to their events and ensure that there is packed houses every year!

The past couple of years have witnessed small-scale events hosted by American companies. Some of these events were unsuccessful because of the location and the fact that they had nothing new to offer. Don’t make the same mistake!

The following tips will help you host a marketing-based event successfully.

  1. Get experienced event planners
    An industry event requires a lot of planning. It may not be possible for existing staff to take up the challenge. Since events are conceptualized and planned 4 to 6 months in advance, there is a need to hire experienced event planners for the job. Use planners to leverage the power of event marketing!
  1. Provide attendees with valuable content
    There are plenty of marketing events available for people in the industry. And your target audience is choosy because their time is invaluable. You should make sure that your event offers something unique that helps it stand out. Perform a research of popular industry events to shortlist the right content.
  1. Prepare an attendee list
    Understanding your target audience and sending them invites is important. Bring together a group of people who are likely to benefit from meeting each other. Make sure your event is the place where useful industry-related conversations take place.
  1. Pick the perfect location
    Location plays a big factor in making people attend your event. Book an easy accessible conference hall and people will flock to your event! On the other hand, if you go for a hall that’s on the other side of town, only a few people will show up.
  1. Bring in a popular industry veteran as the keynote speaker
    It’s important to have the right people representing your event. Highlighting the presence of an industry veteran will add weight to the event, making people sit up and take notice of what you have to offer.
  1. Opt for different forms of engagement
    Keep sessions short and diverse. Go for panels, audience Q&As, and other modes of formal discussions. Also, add a dose of fun to proceedings by introducing any form of recreational activity. A happy hour will help attendees relax and have a great time at your event!

We hope these tips help you plan an awesome marketing event! Provide them with quality content and they will add your event to the list of their must-dos for every year! Get in touch with us for more marketing tips and we will gladly be of help. We can also provide help on the tradeshow giveaways to be distributed during such events.

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