7 Classic Giveaway Categories That Can Stand the Test Of Time!

Everybody loves classic giveaways! They are timeliness and always in demand. These products offer high utility value, are fun to own, and will never go out of style!

Classic giveaways can be given away during all seasons and provide much-needed fillip to your marketing campaigns. In this article, we explore 7 classic giveaway categories that are always at the top of mind when buyers are shopping for promo items:

  1. Drinkware

Close to 30% of American consumers use promotional drinkware every day. These products are great to look at and easy to carry around. They’ll occupy pride of place on desks while promoting your brand in style. Watch as your brand gains traction while recipients quench their thirst!

Recommended Drinkware:

  1. Bags

Bags are renowned for offering a massive imprint area. Our promotional bags are spacious and offer several compartments to secure and transport personal belongings. The durability of our bags and imprints will ensure that recipients don’t forget your brand anytime soon. Your logo and message will be seen and experienced loud and clear when your target audience uses these bags around town!

Recommended Bags:

  1. Writing Instruments

A good-looking pen that writes well will be welcomed by all. At Promo Direct, we have pens in a wide range of colors, prices and sizes! We also have some pens from the world’s top brands in our inventory. Opt for economical promotional pens or stunning pens that serve as classy executive gifts.

Recommended Writing Instruments:

  1. Apparel

The right promotional apparel offers limitless benefits for businesses. They can be distributed among employees to make them feel part of the team. Customers will love receiving quality t-shirts and they won’t hesitate to wear them when they step outside. Your brand can gain a lot of positivity through branded apparel!

Recommended Apparel:

  1. Office Giveaways

Office giveaways serve as ideal personalized gifts to show your appreciation for employees and valuable customers. They are compact and can be put to use immediately at work, allowing clients to remember your brand often.

Recommended Office Giveaways:

  1. Stress Relievers

 It’s hard to envision a marketing campaign without stress relievers. Indeed, these giveaways have come a long way. You will find them in a lot of shapes and characters. In our recommended list below, we have highlighted some of our cutest promo stress relievers!

Recommended Stress Relievers:

  1. Fun Giveaways

 Fun giveaways take the final spot in our list. They are great to own and can provide quality time to your target audience. Some of the products listed below will exercise the mind while others will provide quality breaks, whether you are at home or at the office!

Recommended Fun Giveaways:

Pick a product of your choice and we will personalize it to suit your branding requirements. Get in touch with us at info@promodirect.com If you are confused which promotional product to go for. We will help you pick the right giveaway to empower your next marketing campaign.