4 Effective Sales Promotion Strategies To Win More Customers (Part -2)

Sales promotions are an excellent way for your brand to encourage potential customers to sign up for your service or buy your product. When done well, they have the potential to boost short-term sales, prompt positive online reviews, attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases.

What’s more, an effective sales promotion uses effective copy, appealing imagery, and logic to cater to the values, needs, and emotions of your audience. This plays a huge role in inviting them to do business with your brand.

In part 2 of this series, we bring you effective sales promotion strategies that will take your business to new heights and get you the desired results.

Let’s quickly go through some effective sales promotion strategies you can start using right away!

1) Free Samples

Are you planning on launching a new product? Or Do you have a product in your inventory you are trying to sell? If yes, then give out samples. This works best with food brands, spas and salons, perfume companies, etc. The bottom line is – consumers like trying things before they can purchase.

Even though many brands have temporarily put this promotion strategy on hold due to the COVID pandemic, it can still be implemented. For instance, you can ship free samples to prospects or offer them to customers who are in store regardless whether a purchase is made or not. This strategy is a great way to introduce customers to your products, and oftentimes encourages them to even purchase it.

2) Lifestyle Discounts

While you offer discounts year-round, there are also days and months of the year that are dedicated to certain groups of people. So, make sure that you take advantage of this. For example, during September, you can have back-to-school discounts, while in August, on National Senior Citizens Day, you can offer discounts to senior citizens.

Keep an eye out for such days to run monthly marketing discounts and plan your promotion strategy in advance to maximize the results.

3) Social Media Contests & Giveaways

An excellent way to gain quality followers and get people interested in your business is by hosting giveaways and contests on Instagram, Facebook, or your target audience’s social media platform.

For example, you can run a contest that requires people to tag their friends, acquaintances, and families in the comments, or post it in their stories. You can then pick random winners and giveaway quality promo products such as Apparel, drinkware, tech items, bags, and lifestyle products. You can also imprint your logo on these products to boost brand awareness.

By getting people excited enough about your contest and giving away logoed gifts, you will gain quality exposure. You will also enhance your brand’s reach on social media. This can drive the probability of sales and meaningful engagement in the future.

Listed below are some appealing products you can give away for your next social media content.

1) Blaze 15″ Computer Rucksack

2) Bluetooth Speaker Clock w/Wireless Charging

3) Gildan Softstyle® T-Shirt

4) 25 oz. CamelBak Chute® Mag

5) Wine Gift Set

 4) Joint Promotions

Does your business own several brands or is it partnered with companies in similar industries? If yes, then you must implement joint sales promotion in your promotion strategy.

All you need to do is bundle services or products from each brand, package them as one and promote them through the other brand(s). You can even team up with your partners, and they can do the same for you. This translates to free promotion for both the parties involved. It’s a win-win!

Joint promotion can significantly boost your brand’s reach. What’s more, it familiarizes new customers with your products/services and can help drive sales in the near future.

We hope you have gained noteworthy insights from this blog. Stay tuned for part 3, where we will bring you more sales promotion strategies that will attract potential customers and boost sales. If you are looking for more options for giveaways, then feel free to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you!