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5 Ways to Market your Business with Promotional Products
22nd July, 2010
As you all already know, promotional products are ideal marketing tools to enhance your brand recognition and recall amongst customers. They are consistent in generating a recurring impact on people who receive those products and incite them into becoming customers.
Here are 5 essential ways to market your business, if you are not sure how to use promotional items after purchasing them.
1) Use them as invitations
Send across efficient products with a warm, welcoming message to invite existing and potential customers to an upcoming event.
2) Sponsor events and distribute samples there.
You can also giveaway personalized, imprinted samples as souvenirs at hosted events or business exhibitions and conferences,
3) Send Direct Mailers
Send across free gifts to existing customers to make them feel special and uplift your brand goodwill.
4) Socialize
Do not hesitate to discuss about your promotional ideas whenever you get an opportunity to socialize with people. The power of mouth-to-mouth publicity must not be underestimated.
5) Track and analyze
Track and analyze the response towards your promotional products and their overall performance to perform better in the future.
Planning your promotional activities thoroughly is always recommended for positive outcomes.