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3 Advertising Tips for Small Businesses
16th August, 2010
Following are 3 cost-effective techniques for small businesses to advertise effectively and generate sales rapidly.
1) Do Not Advertise Like Big Businesses
The first mistake small companies usually make is to imitate big companies they idolize or compete with. Big companies mainly advertise to generate awareness and recall and not sales. Small businesses must solely concentrate on generating more sales. One of the most popular and easiest ways to attract customers is by including an offer in your advertisements.
2) Be Distinctive
If you are keen to embark an unforgettable first impression on potential customers; do not implement common and boring methods in your advertising. Be distinctive in your approach and look for some unconventional marketing techniques to stand out among competitors. For example, you could promotional gift golf items or deluxe poker sets to your valuable corporate clients.
3) Offer Exclusive Products Too
Not all customers will be looking for cheap prices. You will be surprised to know that many are always willing to pay a higher price to get premium versions of products or services. So offer exclusive products and services too or sell premium versions of your existing ones.
Good luck.