Why Promotional Products Are Still Relevant in the Digital Age

It’s 2018 and online marketing is the way to go for a brand vying for the audience’s attention.


The answer is both yes and no. Let me explain why:

Businesses today concentrate heavily on social media, online advertising, and mobile marketing to reach their existing and potential customers. The internet advertising revenue from 2017’s first six months alone was $40.1 billion – a 22.6% increase from 2016! This is only natural since people are spending an increasing amount of time online.

However, reaching consumers online has become harder than ever. Marketers have to compete with other brands for attention while dealing with a reality – consumers don’t really wish to see their ads! This is evident from the 2017 Adblock report that states global Adblock usage has increased by 30% in 2016.

So, how do you traverse through the clutter and make sure that your message reaches your audience? The answer is promotional products. Yet, many marketers have abandoned these brilliant promotional mediums. If you’re one of them, here are some powerful facts to put things into perspective:

  • 89% of consumers have received at least one promotional product in the past 6 months;
  • 79% of those who received a promo item researched the brand; and
  • 83%are more likely to do business with the brand they received the giveaway from.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why promotional products are still relevant:

1. They Reach an Ultra-TargetedAudience

Unlike other forms of advertising such as television, print, and radio, promotional products have a higher probability of reaching your targeted audience. For other mediums, the customers can simply ignore the ad, change the channel, or skip them on their TiVo’s.

In contrast, there is no hit or miss with promo items. If you give away a promotional product at a trade show or to a customer who walks into your store, you are directly reaching a member of your intended audience. Similarly, a sports drink company can reach its potential customers by distributing promotional caps to marathon participants.

2. They Create Long-lasting Impressions

According to a study by Advertising Special Institute (ASI), recipients of promotional products keep them for an average of 8 months. Compare this to few moments of visibility a PPC or pop-up ad offers (assuming that you’re not being Adblocked).

More importantly, everyone loves a freebie, even if it’s something small. It sends a message that your brand cares and values its customers and also generates brand loyalty.

3. They Are Incredible Branding Tools

As mentioned earlier, promotional products stay with customers for a long time. This helps your brand increase its recall value. In fact, some products have a recall rate of 85%! If the product you’re giving away is being used outdoors, then your brand receives additional exposure.

What’s more, 63% of Americans give the promotional products they no longer need to others –further increasing the reach of your brand.

4. They Offer Great Utility

Consider this, the ASI study states that umbrellas on average are used for 14 months and hats for 7. One of the most evident differences between promotional products and most other forms of marketing mediums is that giveaways can be used on a regular basis. Useful products will earn your brand appreciation every time a promotional item you gave away is used.

5. They Are Affordable

Unlike advertising on traditional mediums, you don’t have to break the bank to make an impression with promotional products. There are many inexpensive options available like bike bottles, beach balls, and more to attract attention and leave a positive impression.

A promotional product isn’t just logoed merchandise. It’s a brand’s way of saying, ‘thank you for being a customer.’ If you’re looking for a promotional product to complement other marketing efforts, feel free to reach out.

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