Why Customers Prefer Familiar Products And The Role Played By Promotional Products

Most customers prefer buying products from a brand they are familiar with. This is because they seek a certain amount of trust while making their purchases. They believe that trustworthy sellers are capable of offering more value for money with every purchase.

It takes time and a lot of effort to ensure your business is preferred by customers. Here are some reasons why customers prefer certain brands over others:

  1. To gain peace of mind

A familiar product ensures that the buyer doesn’t need to worry about quality or any other issues while using the product. It is the positive experience gained while using the product earlier that ensures the buyer continues purchasing it.

  1. To make quality savings

One reason a buyer prefers buying a particular product is clever pricing. A product that is priced marginally below others will ensure people buy more of it. The savings gained in the long run is a definite motivator to rely on lower priced products!

  1. To make an impression

A recognized brand will be identifiable not just by the buyer but those around him/her. This indirectly helps buyers boost their image and become an integral part of a target audience. That’s why people prefer buying an expensive and popular smartphone, watch or car – because people in close proximity to the buyer will definitely take notice!

  1. To show their loyalty

Customers are a loyal lot! And they will repeatedly purchase a particular product till they have a negative experience. Most companies take advantage of this through customer-friendly loyalty programs!

Gaining the trust of customers  

There is always a first time for customers. Let’s suppose there is a new product in town that is being sold by a new brand. It will take a lot of time for customers to get cosy with the brand. Well-done ads will help contribute positively to the buyer’s decision-making process.

Most businesses rely on television or print ads to make an impression. Unfortunately, not all brands can do the same. Small businesses, in particular, find it difficult to invest in expensive television or print ads. This is where promotional products come in the picture.

How can promotional products help?

  1. By breaking the ice

There is an emotional barrier that exists between a customer and a new product. This barrier can be destroyed with the help of a reliable and useful giveaway. Hand out giveaways and make the first step to get acquainted with the target audience!

  1. To gain wider brand acceptance

A new brand struggles to get noticed. Buying giveaways in bulk and distributing them around town will help more people get used to your brand. The visibility achieved by giving away a thousand bags is invaluable to your brand. It serves as the stepping stone for sustained success in the future.

  • To reach out to a wider audience and still spend less on marketing!

Most giveaways are inexpensively priced and can help you reach a widespread audience. Rely on giveaways such as pens or mugs to win hearts in no time!

  1. To serve as tangible marketing tools

A giveaway can be seen, felt and experienced. So, go for a useful product that can be put to use immediately! Recipients of such giveaways will be constantly exposed to the advertiser.

In short, giveaways can do a good job of helping your target audience get familiar with your brand. Use them to establish long-term relationships with your target audience. March ahead of competitors by relying on them.

At Promo Direct, we have a wide range of giveaways for you to choose from! Our team of experts can help you choose the right product that ensure you become a famous household name!

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