Why are Business Cards Outdated Now?

Yes, it¡¯s true. Business cards are outdated now.
Why? Because every company has been giving away business cards over the past few years; making it extremely common and monotonous to be noticed easily over competitors.If you are looking for a distinctive way to generate brand awareness, we recommend you to give away promotional products instead. Personalizing promotional products by imprinting your company logo and slogan will help you generate better brand recall over competitors. Don¡¯t forget to imprint your contact details too; this will provoke your perspective customers to contact you immediately whenever needed.Here are few options at similar costs which could replace business cards easily:

People carry notepads to work everyday. You can order customized notepads or sticky notes at as low as $0.22 only.

People carry keyholders wherever they go. Imprinted keyholders from Promo Direct are available at as low as $0.22 only.

  • Noir Business Card Case

Stand out amongst others. Instead of being one card among many, give away inexpensive business card holders ($0.84 only) instead or order the exclusive Noir Business Card Case holders for your valuable clients and customers.

Not convinced enough? Still wish to give away business cards and nothing else? No problem, here¡¯s a distinctive way to distribute them.

You can give away the Thank You Business Card Box to new acquaintances or the Happy Holidays Business Card Box to existing customers with ¡®thank you¡¯ a message or ¡®happy holidays¡¯ stamped in chocolate respectively. These boxes can be sent along with your attached business card and impress your customers successfully.

So when are you switching to promotional products?

To view a large variety of other promotional giveaway products for your clients and customers, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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