Trendy Promotional Products For People On The Move

Your target audience is always on the move, relying on several gadgets and accessories to stay connected with the world. They often travel to and from work, parties, schools, and other places where people congregate.

It’s a great idea to opt for mobile promotional products that can be used by people whenever they step out of the house, helping them remember your brand wherever they go. At Promo Direct, we personalize a variety of products in this category. They are listed below for your reference and future personalization – these products will look great with your company’s logo and details!

  1. Power banks

Power banks offer immense utility value, are portable, and can be used anywhere – whether it’s on desks or vehicles. Since power banks can charge a variety of devices, including cell phones, laptops and tablets, recipients will find them irresistible and use them wherever they go!

Recommended buys:

Zippy Slim Dual Power Bank, Flash Power Bank, and Sleek Aluminum Power Bank

  1. Pedometers

A quality pedometer can do a magnificent job of helping recipients stay fit while reminding them about your brand! Most pedometers are easy to wear and carry around, ensuring that they remain a favorite among users for a long time.

Recommended Buys:

Fitness First Pedometer, Easy See Pedometer with Clock, and Touch Screen Pedometer

  1. Tech wrist watches

Many people wrongly assume that wrist watches have gone out of fashion! A wrist watch can still make a fashion statement, especially if it looks good and offers quality functionality. The watches available at Promo Direct are tech-based gadgets that will never go out of fashion! Now, let recipients wear your brand on their wrists!

Recommended Buys:

LED Watch, Mood Watch Bracelet, and Mood Pedometer Watch

  1. Smart phone holders

There are more than 3 billion smart phone users in the world. Most of these people check their phones at least 50 times a day, chatting, making calls, or playing games. A holder can secure phones, keeping them in constant view and scratch-free.

Recommended Buys:

Cell-a-Lounger, Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder, and Retro Media Lounger

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

A bluetooth speaker is a highly appreciated gift that will allow users to stream high-quality music wherever they are. At Promo Direct, we offer bluetooth speakers that offer the finest quality sound, providing recipients with an audio listening experience like no other!

Recommended Buys:

Boom Bluetooth® Earbuds, Whammo Bluetooth® Speaker, and Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth® Speaker

We hope the products featured here provide you with new marketing ammunition to take your brand forward! Get in touch with us for more marketing insights and we will gladly be of help!

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