Top 10 Buyers Of Promotional Products

Ever wondered who buys promotional products? A PPAI study revealed the top 10 buyers who believe in the marketing capabilities of giveaways. This article goes through them in detail to give you an idea of the vast outreach promotional products have in the business world.

#1 Education

Schools and universities rely heavily on personalized bags and stationery items to highlight their institutions. Back-to-school campaigns, in particular, are hugely popular with businesses who wish to connect with the local audience through students.

#2 Financial

Banks and stockbrokers use giveaways to retain customers for the long-term. Pens and key chains are regularly distributed to keep customers happy.

#3 Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, hospices, and homes for the aged often distribute stress relievers and pillboxes to highlight their services. These healthcare promotional products do a fine job of reminding the patient about the healthcare provider.

#4 Non-profit Organizations

NGOs often find it hard to gain the attention of donors. Promotional items provide them with an easy and economical means to ensure people learn more about their good work.

#5 Construction

The construction industry is vast and growing quickly every year. This industry has to face intense competition to stay afloat. Handy giveaways help customers remember a company’s services when they need it most.

#6 Government

Governmental agencies always keep a good stock of giveaways for distribution. Giveaways help departments establish a good rapport with citizens seeking their services.

#7 Trade, Professional Associations and Civic Clubs

Associations and clubs are channels that engage with members on a regular basis. Promo products can help members feel part of their respective association or club, ensuring they devote more time towards its welfare.

#8 Real Estate

A lot of agencies dealing in real estate rely on giveaways to establish a good rapport with customers. These products help customers spread the word about the business as well.

#9 Automotive

Automotive dealers always keep a stock of giveaways ready to hand out to any person who walks through the door. These giveaways help customers remember the dealer over competitors.

#10 Professionals

Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and consultants regularly turn to giveaways to advertise their services. And they keep buying them throughout the year!

Which industry do you belong to? Does your company regularly invest in giveaways? Share your experiences with us! You can also get in touch with us to make a purchase. Our team of marketing experts will provide you with valuable insights on choosing the right promotional product for your next marketing campaign!