The Importance of Using Touchless Tools in 2020

When you are out in public, you may come across many surfaces like a door handle, ATMs, keypads, elevator buttons, gas pumps, office drawers, that are touched by multiple people in a day.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to take the best precaution possible and limit your contact with commonly touched areas. Moreover, it can also be quite stressful when you are traveling to work or a grocery store and come in contact with things that you need to touch.

What if there was a tool that could help you avoid bacteria and germ-infested surfaces? What if you could interact with the outside world without worrying about catching the COVID virus and carry on with your daily routines?

This is where the Touchless Tool comes in. It is designed to help people touch commonly used areas, without using their hands. Imagine the convenience and ease that will come with knowing that you will be safe from infection.

The Importance of Touchless Tool

The Touchless Tool is a compact and small tool that can be carried in your wallet or can be attached to a carabiner with a ring.

There are other alternatives to the Touchless Tool such as gloves, that will do an excellent job of protecting you from bacteria and germs. However, gloves can do more harm than good if not used correctly. Since gloves are a barrier against your body and the outer surface, it can easily build up germs if you don’t wear them properly or dispose of correctly.

With innovations such as Touchless Tool, you can safely press, pull, push, and turn objects without any worry. Keep in mind to wash or sanitize the Touchless Tool after each day’s use. 

Common Uses for the Touchless Tool

The Touchless Tool features a pointed edge to press keypads or buttons and a curved hook to carry grocery bags, pull open drawers, and various other benefits. Let us quickly run through some of its uses.

1) Pin It: Use the Touchless Tool to enter ATM pins or make tiny selections at the gas pump.

2) Lift It: You can use it to open mailboxes or lift things that you don’t want to touch.

3) Hook It: When in doubt, use the hook of the Touchless Tool to carry grocery or takeout bags. 

4) Pull It: Want to avoid unnecessary contact with public door handles or office drawers? Use the Touchless Tool to open them.

5) Push It: Use it to push elevator buttons, security keypads, and public transport kiosks.

6) Lock It: You can also use the Touchless Tool to turn locks and latches in public restrooms.

How is the Touchless Tool Constructed? 

1) Touchless Tool with Stylus 

Touchless Tool with Stylus

The Touchless Tool with the stylus is made with Anti-bacterial ABS Plastic. Since microorganisms can live on certain materials up to 2-3 days, the Anti-bacterial property in this tool will help suppress the growth of bacteria. It also features a soft-touch stylus that can be used on touchscreen displays.

2) Zinc Alloy Touchless Hand Tool

Zinc Alloy Touchless Hand Tool

The Zinc Alloy Touchless Tool has an ergonomic shape, making it easy to carry and comfortable to use. You can add a key ring and use it to carry your keys. Made of zinc alloy, this tool is durable, stylish looking and your logo can be laser engraved in it.

3) Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key 

Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key

Created with Acrylic, this Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key can be easily attached to a keyring. It has a large finger space and can be used for touching, pushing, and pulling objects, as well as carrying bags.

4) Touch-Free Tool

Touch Free Tool

The Touch-free Tool has a slim and compact design. Made of high-strength, durable ABS plastic, this tool will do an excellent job of reducing exposure to germs and bacteria.

Before You Leave Home, Protect Yourself 

In 2020, there is a high risk of coming in contact with considerable amounts of bacteria, viruses, and germs. Fortunately, the Touchless Tool will limit the spread of transmission and will help anyone that makes use of it and practices proper hygiene and social distancing.

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