Stories for Brand and Business Building: Tell us your story!

Do you like reading stories? Have you grown up reading them? Did you have role models that you worshiped after you read them for weeks when you were young?

Stories are gripping. If told in an interesting way, they create a new world for you. They create a world of possibilities and that of dreams too. The role models in the story are the characters, who have performed commendable feats, or have accomplished a simple task with commendable precision.? Now convert all this into the world of business, and the hero¡¯s become business tycoons and the stories that they play in, become their successful businesses, their new business ventures, the difficulties they grapple with and the new ways in which they conquered them.

Stories work a long way in establishing a brand identity for a product. They change the mundane world of numbers and names into interesting ones. They talk of the company and the struggles that it has undertaken and emerged successfully later. Instead of filling your website with brazen descriptions then, it would be a great business tips to convert them into stories?

¡°The Google Story¡± by David A. Vise is a fantastic example of the way in which the struggles of a business, its achievements and trials become a story and helps the firm establish itself as a special brand name and carve an identity for itself.

However, if you think that only famous people can write their stores or have them written, that is not true.? A mass media platform like a website is effective enough to narrate your tale. For instance, if your business deals in promotional products you could weave a beautiful and a realistic tale of how promotional items and business gifts became your own means to grow your own business.

Stories capture audiences. And they are rarely tapped as a potential medium for advertizing and branding.? This idea is sure to generate interest in your business and ensure a better sale for you. Here in fact is an idea- email your business story at and you stand a chance to get your story posted on our esteemed Promo Direct Blog and Facebook page.

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