Promotional Product Trends Being Witnessed in 2023

Promotional products have been used by American businesses for decades to increase brand recognition and build customer loyalty. 2023 ordering trends on the Promo Direct website has shed light on some useful insights that can help you with your next marketing campaign.

Check out these 5 trends and use them to your advantage while planning your next marketing campaign:

  1. The evolving push for sustainable & eco-Friendly Products

As more consumers become environmentally conscious, businesses are looking for new ways to offer promotional products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 2023 has witnessed a push for a variety of products made from recycled materials such as water bottles, bags, and notebooks.

Recommended options include The Eco Spiral Notebook & Pen, Champion Adult 9 oz. Double Dry Eco® Pullover Hood, and Boutique Non-woven Shopper Tote Bag.

  1. The sustained demand for high-tech promotional products

Technology has continued to revolutionize the promotional products industry, and in 2023 we are witnessing even more high-tech gadgets being used as promotional items. These products include items such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging pads, and smartwatches. Businesses using these products are able to establish a strong connection with tech-savvy customers.

Recommended options include the Budget Wireless Speaker, Qi Square Wireless Charging Pad, and Mood Pedometer Watch.

  1. Showing you care with wellness products

Wellness has become a major focus for many people in recent years, especially after the pandemic. Businesses are personalizing products such as yoga mats, resistance bands, and healthy snacks. By promoting wellness, businesses are able to demonstrate their commitment to their customers’ health and well-being.

Recommended options include Econscious Packable Cork Mat & Yoga Bag, Exercise Resistance Bands Set, and Snack Good Feel Good Happy’s Gift Pack.

  1. The rising demand for virtual event products

As virtual events continue to be a popular option for businesses, promotional products that are specifically designed for virtual events have become more common in 2023. These products include items such as webcam covers, phone stands, and screen cleaners. By offering these products, businesses are able to promote their brand during virtual events and help attendees stay connected and engaged.

Recommended options include Private Eye Swivel, Bamboo Wood Cell Phone Stand, and

Computer Power Screen Cleaner.

  1. The rise of fashionable products

We are experiencing a rise in demand for promotional products that are both functional and fashionable. These products include items such as stylish tote bags, sunglasses, and hats.

Recommended options include Striped Canvas Tote – Full Color, Woodland Sunglasses, and

Wool Blend Twill Round Flat Visor Pro Style Snapback Hat.

Need more help choosing promotional giveaways in 2023? Get in touch with us for marketing ideas. Our team will gladly help you take your next campaign to the next level!

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