Promotional Key Holders – The Next Best Giveaway

After promotional pens, the second option that comes to most people¡¯s minds, when referred to ¡®promotional products¡¯ is: promotional key holders. Key holders are ideally one of the most cost-effective, widely accessed and renowned type of promotional products today. Everybody uses one, and the reason is very simple: to hold different keys together with an attractive key holder.Promotional Key Holders
Marketers have realized that key holders double up as an amazing source of brand exposure too. Users will see their key holders at least twice daily, once while leaving home and secondly while unlocking the door after they return home. They might also come across it while starting or locking the car, while searching their wallets, pockets or purses for something else, etc.So, if you¡¯re looking for ways to enhance your brand recognition, recall or exposure; distributing key holders as promotional giveaways to potential customers, colleagues and employees might prove beneficial. After all, key holders are extremely low-priced, diverse and most importantly easily customizable. Promo Direct also offers you FREE 24 hour Rush Production for all those last minute events and conferences.You can choose from our wide collection of multiple utility promotional key holders such as: plastic tuff tags, flexible tags, mini flashlights, first-aid keychains, Carabiner key rings or other usual holders available in different makes, sizes, shapes, colors, etc. – as you may want to customize it. For example, imprinted flexible key tags are available in 17 assorted stock shapes and the imprinted Heart stock shape or the Awareness Ribbon stock shape will show people that you care.

So, why wait?
These products could be your KEY to success.
Or at least one of the best promotional items to opt for, and we can vouch for that.

Happy promoting!

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