Promo Direct’s Rose Sarro Named 2024 ASI Distributor Salesperson of the Year

Rose Sarro - VP of Sales

HENDERSON, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2024 / — Promo Direct proudly announces VP of Sales, Rose Sarro as the recipient of the esteemed 2024 ASI Distributor Salesperson of the Year award. This accolade, bestowed annually by ASI Media, recognizes exceptional individuals in the promotional products industry. Sarro’s dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment have earned her this prestigious honor.

ASI Media annually calls for nominations of this award before a winner is selected to recognize and honor trailblazers in the promotional products industry. Sarro’s impressive success stories serve as a source of inspiration for professionals throughout the industry.

Sarro has triumphed over numerous challenges throughout her career. From immigrating to the United States from the Philippines nearly four decades ago to transitioning between diverse career paths, Sarro’s journey exemplifies perseverance and adaptability. Joining Promo Direct 14 years ago marked a pivotal moment in her professional trajectory, igniting a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction.

When asked about her selling style, Sarro emphasizes the importance of listening – a trait that has endeared her to clients and suppliers alike. Her genuine empathy and intuitive understanding of client needs have earned her unwavering loyalty and trust, establishing her as a respected authority in the industry. Despite her competitive drive, Sarro maintains her composure and professionalism, embodying the values of integrity and respect in every interaction.

In addition to her outstanding sales acumen, Sarro’s passion for promotional products is evident in her personal favorites. An avid enthusiast of tumblers, she takes pride in personally testing and reviewing products before recommending them to clients. Her dedication to quality and authenticity underscores her commitment to delivering exceptional value to her clients.

Sarro’s dedication to her family and community emphasizes her character and values. As a devoted mother of 7 and grandmother of 12, she cherishes her role within her family. Sarro’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the professional realm, as evidenced by her active involvement in community initiatives and her unwavering support for charitable causes.

About Promo Direct:

Founded by Dave Sarro in 1991, Promo Direct is dedicated to boosting sales and amplifying brand presence through promotional merchandise. With a focus on providing intelligent business solutions and top-notch shopping experiences, Promo Direct has garnered multiple awards and recognitions. Ranked as the #1 Promotional Product Store by, we prioritize excellence and customer delight in all our endeavors.

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