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Have you ever visited The PPI Blog?
Well, PPI stands for ¡®Promotional Product International¡¯ and this is where authors from all around the world post information and news about the gift and premium industry.

So do we.

Promo Direct willingly participates in sharing knowledge and information about promotional giveaways and allied services on this blog. For example, read our post on ¡°Promotional Giveaways & Tradeshows¡± which talks about distributing promotional products for success in return.

This article foucuses on considering the importance of promotional products and utilizing them effectively in your company¡¯s promotional activities. It also includes the Top 5 tips which to be considered before you conduct your tradeshow.

Following is a shot extract from that article:

¡°A promotional giveaway product is basically an object of merchandise suiting the company¡¯s brand identity and/or values, with its logo or a slogan or any other message imprinted on it, which is used in their marketing and communication programs. Such promotional giveaways are usually distributed for free at various business events, especially tradeshows.¡±

There are various ways to acquire leads and promote your business but the evolution and efficacy of giving away promotional products is recommendable. We hope you have already used them in the past or are planning to in the future. For those who do not even know about promotional products, we strongly recommend you to read this one.

Happy promoting! 🙂

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