Post-COVID Welcome Back Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Even though the COVID challenge continues, a couple of states across the USA are finally allowing businesses to reopen. This move will surely bring financial security. However, it’s no surprise that coming back to work might seem like a threat to many employees. Masked co-workers, temperature checks, virtual meetings, spaced out workstations, plexiglass guards will be the work protocol for a long duration.

Difficulty in switching back to office mode should be expected. Your team might take a while to get used to the new work setting and schedules. After all, it’s been a tough few months for everyone. It’s during this time, that organizations need to make an effort to welcome employees back and make them feel comfortable.

An excellent way to help them adapt to new office schedules, re-establish bonds among team members, and rebuild morale is by surprising them with welcome back gifts. We have shortlisted an impressive lineup of attractive gifts to help ease your employees back into the “new normal”. Let’s quickly go through the list.

# 1 Activewear & Outdoor Products

Everyone is yearning to go back to the days where you could freely head for hikes, camping trips, gym, or simply travel around. Your employees will love to indulge in the great outdoors once life gets back to normal. Gifts like caps, T-shirts, sunglasses, sports bottles, bags, coolers, are some ideal options to consider.

# 2 Tech Giveaways

Teach giveaways are an excellent way to impress your employees. They will do an awesome job of motivating them and will keep their spirits high. Tech giveaways are also one of the most desirable products to giveaway and your team will appreciate the kind gesture. Keeping the COVID economy in mind, we have picked some economical, yet high-quality gifts

# 3. Food & Candy

Gift your employees something that they are truly fond of. What better way to achieve that with some eatables like candies, chocolates, and popcorn. By giving them something that they love eating, you will make them feel appreciated and welcomed. Make your gift more personal by imprinting motivational quotes, team slogans, and thank you messages. Listed below are some of our recommendations.

# 4 Health and Wellness Items

Even though businesses are slowly opening, we are still not free from the dangers of infection. There can be no scope for complacency when it comes to sanitization and hygiene. Moreover, what better way to ensure the wellbeing of your employees than health and wellness giveaways. It’s a great way of showing that you care for their health and it will continue to remind them of the importance of hygiene. Listed below are some of our top picks.

In conclusion, treat this time of return like a reunion and celebrate the wellbeing of your employees and the re-opening of your business by giving away the above-mentioned gifts. We are sure that your employees are bound to find much value and excitement in getting back to work. If you are looking for some extra tips, then feel free to get in touch with us. We hope to hear from you soon!