Pamper your kids on Universal children¡¯s day

On this Universal Children’s Day (November 20)Make up¡­¡­for all those missed birthdays and skipped vacations that work demanded
¡­for those expectant faces you left in the morning and the gloomy ones you returned to at night
¡­for all those night-time stories that were left unsaid
¡­for those hours of play that work swallowed upCelebrate this Universal Children¡¯s Day not as bosses or employees but as parents or as guardians of the children of the world.


Spread the cheer amongst those near and dear.

Proudly declare that November 20 will be a day dedicated to the children of the world. A simple way to let your office, neighborhood and community know about the specialty of the day would be to wear it. Give out promotional items like Custom Awareness bracelets imprinted with the ¡®Celebrate Childhood¡¯ message to your employees or church members. Make them a part of the celebration.

Why should kids have all the fun!

Use this day to bring out the child in you and your employees and gift them bright promotional t-shirts that wish them a Happy Children¡¯s Day. Designate this day as employer-employee interaction day and organize games at your workplace like guessing childhood nicknames, asking every staff member to get their childhood photos and run a contest about who is the little girl/boy in the picture. The day will pass but the camaraderie you create during those hours of fun will stay on for a long time.

Gift a smile.

Go home early to your kids and let your employees do the same too. Gift a smile to as many children as you can. You can treat the kids in your neighborhood to a surprise candy treat, or gift drawstring bags filled with goodies like personalized stationery, coloring books and crayons to your nearest child welfare center.

Celebrate their future,
Celebrate their smiles,
Celebrate Universal Children¡¯s Day,
Having fun all the while!

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