Outdoor and Indoor Promotional Products

There is no doubt that giving away promo items is one of the finest ways to boost your business. However, the type of product that you give plays a vital role in the success of your marketing strategy. One of the chief considerations in the selection is between outdoor or indoor promotional items. Here are some pointers that will help you make a selection:

Outdoor and Indoor Promotional Products

Visibility:? The visibility of your brand will depend on the placement of a promo item. For instance if you give away outdoor promo products like promotional lounge chairs, they will give your brand name a lot of exposure when in use. However, these products are actually used once-in-a-while, so they have little recall value. Business gifts like promotional T-shits and bags, on the other hand are used frequently indoors and outdoors so will get both brand visibility and recall value for your brand.

Use:? The frequency of the use of the promotional products has a huge impact on a marketing campaign. Outdoor items like flyers are used sparingly and have a low recall value. However, they hold a high esteem value, which can be leveraged for brand promotion. Indoor products however, are used frequently and have a high recall value.

Business Type:? Choosing a corporate gift that resembles your business type helps your customers to associate your brand name with the product. For instance, if your business deals in making house keys, a key holder would make a good business gift. Similarly, if your business deals in selling home appliances, you might want to giveaway household promotional items.

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