National Great Outdoors Month: 10 Promotional Product Ideas to Rouse Outdoor Activity this Summer

For the past two decades, the executive office of the President has deemed June as National Great Outdoors Month. In 2019, the U.S. Senate officially made it so, consolidating the movement toward conserving and expanding public lands and water, and creating economic opportunities for local areas with domestic tourism.

All the presidents of the 21st Century have endorsed this month as a means to support a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. They have made official proclamations attesting to the value of appreciating and engaging in the natural, rugged beauty of the land. Governors in over half the states have also endorsed Great Outdoors Month within their jurisdictions to champion the cause.

America is a land of sprawling geographical features in its mountains, canyons, beaches, forests, rivers, lakes, national parks, and wildlife reserves. Additionally, there are thousands of parks, recreational spaces, and trails in the interior, allowing citizens the opportunity to indulge in a variety of outdoor activities—camping, fishing, trekking, climbing, hiking, and more!

How Can Brands Endorse an Outdoor Lifestyle?

Great Outdoors Month is more than just an emblem of environmental stewardship and conservation. It is a means through which American communities, businesses, landowners, and organizations collaborate to create a better economy for each other, aided by the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016.

And the economy is improved by encouraging an outdoor lifestyle that revels in the many natural treasures the country has to offer—Visitors pour money in local economies through domestic tourism.

In this post, we offer 10 promotional product ideas that brands can use to invigorate recipients into outdoor activities within the great expanse of the country’s natural riches.

#1 Camping Tent

Nothing says “we were made for the outdoors” more than a camping tent.

This promotional product is how your brand coaxes out a recipient’s love for the wilderness. It symbolizes a desire to return to the elemental power of Nature, and to partake in the tranquil majesty of mountains, forests, and rivers. Whether your recipients are taking a trip to the Rockies, or spending a night in Yosemite National Park, this camping tent will hold them in good stead, with its water-resistant polyester, zip door, and foldable fiberglass frame. It also has a backpack to make carriage easy!

#2 Hammock

Like a call of the wild unto its own, a Basecamp® hammock, tied between two trees or campsite pillars, has utilitarian value to trekkers and hikers—and it is easily portable in a pouch.

Its durable polyester design will prompt recipients to risk trips to the nearby national park or natural landmark. It allows an easy setup with a hanging rope and a carabiner. Recipients can enjoy a nap or two on long treks, or can just curl up in it to watch the beautiful scenery as they rest from their efforts.

#3 Park Blanket

Lunching in the great outdoors is made all the more natural with an expansive park blanket.

Not out of place at the local park, far-away campsite, or even off a forest trail, this park blanket ticks all the boxes needed—it accommodates a family of four, is durable and water-resistant with its PVC backing, and is easily portable with a carry handle and velcro closure. Picnickers, ready to make a day trip this summer, would do well to hold onto one of these. Make their day by gifting it to them!

#4 Flyers & Frisbees

Allow your recipients to pass some time on their outdoor outings with a flyer.

Flyers are toys that entertain, especially in campsites and picnics, where a significant group of people gather to enjoy Nature. Friends, family, and community will take turns flinging this aerodynamic toy to kill time in between events. A large discus flyer can make a playful impact not only for idlers in parks and on trails, but also for your brand, with ample space on its body for brand artwork, messaging, and logos!

#5 Lanterns & Torchlights

Dark nights in the outdoors demand a powerful light source.


All self-respecting campers will want a functional flashlight or lantern for whenever they need to find their way around the site they are camping on. This retractable flashlight and lantern has both tools, making usage an easy affair. It includes chip-on-board (COB) LED lights, which are extremely heat-efficient and have a high lumen-per-watt ratio over traditional lights. It’s the perfect addition to your recipient’s outdoor needs!


#6 Swimming Goggles

Inevitably, there will be families who enjoy swimming in the outdoors, be it in open-to-public lakes, rivers, brooks, reservoirs, and other water bodies.

The summer is the perfect season to beat the heat under the water’s surface, and that feeling can be embodied entirely with these children’s swim goggles. Prompt your recipients’ to take a trip to the nearby lake with this promotional item that has adjustable silicone straps, anti-UV light and anti-fogging lenses, and a carry case.

#7 Camping Chairs

After many nights and days sitting on the hard ground in the outdoors, climbers, hikers, and campers crave a regular, soft seat. While this Basecamp® Camp Throne is not regular by any means, it also provides storage room for whatever food, beverages, tools, and valuables the recipient is carrying on the trip. It has an insulated PEVA lined main compartment which can carry upto 24 cans of cold beverages. It is easily portable with its shoulder strap.

#8 Cooler Backpacks

There are backpack coolers that do the same job as the camping chair outlined above. These are also PEVA-lined, insulating the beverages and food items inside. It has several side compartments and meshed pockets for additional storage, and its front pocket has an adjustable elastic cord for carrying bigger items.

#9 Hydrating Bags

Among the outdoor enthusiasts, there will always be endurance hikers, runners, and cyclists, looking to improve on their times—while also enjoying the natural beauty on show in the country. For them, brands should give away hydrating backpacks and bottle carriers free or at discounts, to inculcate the spirit of the season. The former has a 1.5 liter water reservoir attached to a drinking pipe, as well as additional pockets for more water bottles (to refill the reservoir, if needed). It also has reflective strips so that motorists see the runner/cyclist while travelling in poor light.

#10 Outdoor Kits

Last, but not least, all the wannabe campers out there would do well to keep a handy, outdoor survival kit on their person, while outside.

Accidents and misunderstandings are always possible, so it is best that they come prepared for all eventualities. This Lazy Day 43 Piece Outdoors and Camping Kit comes with bandages, sunscreen packets, lip balms, skin lotions, insect repellants, burn creams, moist towelettes, antibiotic ointments, and a first aid guide. It is so versatile! To a smaller extent, the Kaiser Survival Grenade also provides assistance in the form of survival tools.

Brands can also do their bit for the Great Outdoors Month by playing with social media hashtags like “#escapetheindoors” or “#findyourpark,” strengthening the national trend to enable healthier lifestyles. In the end, the crux of the matter is that the more Americans enjoy the natural wealth their nation has to offer, the more they can pipeline wealth into local economies who partially rely on revenue generated by tourism, parks, and recreational spaces.

For more information on how to facilitate this trend through promotional products, contact an experienced company like Promo Direct. We will help you find what you’re looking for!