A multi-purpose promotional flashlight

Her footsteps echo as she walks down to her car, the lone one in the deserted parking lot. The dingy bulbs die out as she rummages in her bag, hoping to hear the welcome tinkle of her keys. Even as she fights the rising waves of panic, her fingers suddenly clasp around a tiny rectangle and her handbag is filled with light. Her car keys glint from a corner of the bag and soon she is in the safe confines of her car. Her mind repeatedly mutters silent ¡®thank yous¡¯ as she backs her car out of the lot. A relieved smile playing on her lips, she blesses the company that had distributed the flashlight when she had attended their tradeshow. Such things do happen. Brands win over their loyalists in a matter of seconds. Disconnected events do wonders for your brand promotions that even planned promotional events struggle to achieve. Just like the promotional flashlight saved the damsel in distress in this fictional account, it can bring your brand into the limelight too!It is true that promotional products are important tools for brand marketing. But merely imprinting your logo on an item that is devoid of any use, or provides limited utility, won¡¯t attract the popularity you hope to achieve. I would rate promotional flashlights as ideal promotional items because of three factors.

  1. High utility
  2. Low cost
  3. Portable

These summarize the thoughts that course through my mind as an entrepreneur, when I contemplate which business promotional items to gift my employees or my clients. And when my clients tell me that they enjoy multi-purpose flashlights more than only one-feature torches, I am not surprised. If I was given a gift that has more than one use, I would be gleeful too!

It is amazing what all this tiny product can offer. There are flashlights attached with key chains or carabiners that ensure the user never leaves or loses them. Then there are flashlights which are pocket friendly thanks to their small size. You have Clip On book lights for easy reading and Laser pointer flashlights that become an integral part of presentations. There are LED flashlights that showcase your ¡®green¡¯ preference and aluminum flashlights that give a glossy backdrop for your logo.

Do you get it now? Why make your brand promotions bland when multi-purpose promotional flashlights can make them grand!

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