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Promoting a brand successfully requires a well-defined strategy. A major aspect of a successful promotional-strategy?could be opting for smart promotional products.Why not consider the option of giving out efficient, cost-effective and most importantly distinctive promotional products? For example: promotional lighters.

Promotional lighters are gaining popularity as they qualify to be source of a year-round promotion amongst existing as well as potential customers. These multi-purpose lighters can be useful for everyone, from housewives for kitchen purposes to businessmen who smoke. Anyone who has seen a lighter will know that lighters are usually imprinted with logos, pictures or some message.

In fact, ¡®What¡¯s on your lighter?¡¯ is a frequently asked question by people in restaurants, pubs or cafes. Wouldn¡¯t you love it, if the answer to that question was your company name?

Promotional Multi-Purpose Lighter
¡®The Multi-Purpose Lighter¡¯ is as hot as your brand!
It has a long metal wand and it consists up to 750 lights along with a fluid level indicator. It also has a two-step ignition process with an automatic reset feature.

Not good enough?
Well, you can order these promotional lighters at the cost as low as $4.18 only, if you decide to buy them before 1st of July, 2010.

Promotional lighters travel everywhere, from restaurants, bars & cafes to various business events or get-togethers. And that means your business has the opportunity of getting brand exposure wherever it goes.

So why wait?
Let us light up your business today!

Order The Multi Purpose Lighter now!

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