Importance Of Client Testimonials For Online Branding

We all know that Word-Of-Mouth marketing is the most effective branding strategy. And the best and easiest way to establish your brand as a trustworthy one is by publishing client testimonials on your website. Publishing effective client testimonials on company websites is an extremely easy and cost-effective small business strategy.

However, in order to ensure that you achieve positive results and not negative results from publishing testimonials, you need to ensure the following:

Don¡¯t write fake testimonials: Never underestimate your clients. People can usually tell when they¡¯re reading a fake testimonial. Even if you don¡¯t get caught, why risk it when you can easily get genuine testimonials from satisfied customers? If customers feel like you¡¯re publishing fake testimonials, they will automatically lose trust in your brand. Sure, it¡¯s much easier to write a fake testimonial yourself than to ask a client and wait for your client¡¯s response but knowing your clients are truly satisfied with your work will be worth being patient for.

Ask at the right time: Don¡¯t wait for weeks or months after you¡¯ve met a client¡¯s order to get a testimonial from him/her. Chances are your client may have forgotten just how great your service was or may not remember your customer rep¡¯s name! It¡¯s best to ask clients for testimonials right after you¡¯ve completed their work. If they are truly pleased with your products and services, this will come across effectively in their testimonials. If your clients aren¡¯t too enthusiastic about writing testimonials, you can ensure them that having their details on your website will increase their brand visibility and may lead to increased business for them too.

Make them visible: Now that you¡¯ve gathered positive testimonials from your customers, you need to ensure that you benefit from their encouraging words. To do this, you need to position client testimonials on your website home page. Many websites have a separate page for testimonials but there¡¯s a high chance that the entire testimonial page may get skipped by your website visitors. The best way to guarantee visibility is to place testimonials with the body of your content or in a sidebar on all your website pages.

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