How to Build Customer Loyalty Using Promotional Products

According to Retail Systems Research, 61% of retailers say that customer retention is the biggest problem their brands face. To retain customers, it is imperative for marketers to build customer loyalty. Loyal customers are a source of repeat purchase – which is the backbone of any business. A mere 5% increase in loyalty can increase profit per customer by 25-100%!

Loyal customers can even bring in new customers and promote your brand on social media. But you can’t generate loyalty overnight – it’s built by creating positive interactions with your brand over a long time. And rewarding your customers is one way to do it.

Promotional products are brilliant marketing tools that create a long-lasting impression on your customers and maximize exposure. Here are some ways to use them to build customer loyalty:

Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Gaining a new customer costs 6-7 times more than keeping an existing one! Customer loyalty programs give your customers an added bonus to spend more at your establishment. They also give your business the chance to bundle consumer buying data and target your advertising dollars better.

You can introduce a point-based customer loyalty program. Customers can collect points and redeem them for free swag. Promotional apparel, power banks, candy favors, and product samples will work well as loyalty program rewards.

Send Birthday Gifts

If you want your customers to feel truly special, sending them a gift on their birthday will definitely do the trick! It gives you the opportunity to offer a personalized experience and helps customers remember your brand. What’s more, they will tell their family and friends about it.

Adding such a personal touch to your promotional plan will reinforce your brand’s relationship with customers. Depending on your target audience, you can use fancy pens, soft toys, tote bags, or cookies as gifts. Just make sure that you send a handwritten note along with the gift.

Hold Contests

Contests work brilliantly if you want to increase loyalty while generating excitement about your brand. Hold a contest – online or offline – and it’s sure to garner interest. Festivals are great occasions to hold contests as seasonal giveaways are something of a novelty when it comes to promo items.

Giveaways related to festivities are special as people have memories attached to them. Imagine winning a cool action camera on Christmas! You’ll remember this and tell the story every year. Contests allow your customers to engage with your brand. This not only strengthens your brand’s relationship with them but will help you gain new customers as well.

Introduce Referral Programs

Building loyalty and gaining new customers are different goals but referral programs can kill two birds with one stone. Do you know that 92% of people trust recommendations more than any other form of marketing? Your brand can do wonders if you introduce a referral program that rewards existing and new customers.

Most customers would give referrals if they like your brand. By giving them an incentive to do so, you’ll show them that you appreciate all that they do for your brand. Gifts like promotional backpacks, t-shirts, and bbq sets are sure to be appreciated.

Customer loyalty is vital if you want your brand to succeed. Use promotional items as part of your customer loyalty programs and grow loyalty while increasing brand exposure. If you need more information on promotional items that you can use, feel free to contact our team.

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