How Often Do You Buy Promotional Products?

Promotional Products

The question posed in the title of this article will fetch a variety of answers from businesses across the USA. The correct answer depends on a host of factors that will be covered in this article.

When, why, and how promotional products are purchased vary from business to business. For example, a lot of businesses give away gift packs whenever they connect with a prospect or new client. These packs feature promotional pens, imprinted t-shirts, logoed water bottles, and other practical giveaways. So, how often a business buys promotional items depends on factors such as the following:

  1. Marketing budget: Businesses with generous marketing budgets spend significantly on giveaways. They often buy on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Businesses with low marketing budgets invest in giveaways only when the need demands it (for example, for an upcoming event).  Most promotional distributors have a diverse inventory filled with giveaways at various price points. For example, at Promo Direct, we have a category of products priced at under $1 for businesses in need of inexpensive giveaways.
  1. Events: Some businesses invest in giveaways only for events. The nature of events businesses participate in can vary from state to state. The frequency of local community events, exhibitions, and fundraisers determines how often these businesses buy giveaways. Businesses also keenly look forward to promotional events such as Internal Women’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day to invest in quality giveaways.
  1. Employee recognition: Some businesses turn to promotional giveaways only when they wish to recognize their employees on achieving milestones or when contests are held in the office. Trophies and mementos are usually bought in bulk to be distributed as souvenirs among employees.
  2. Corporate gifting: Businesses often invest inexpensive giveaways for existing and prospective clients. These giveaways are capable of building strong business connections with clients. Laptop bags, pen sets, BBQ sets, and golfing accessories are some products popular as giveaways.
  1. Charity: Organizations keen on gaining the goodwill of the local community often host fundraisers for local charities. Stationery, pens, t-shirts, totes, and bags are popular charity-based giveaways.

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