Handy Tips for Marketing with Promotional Products

When it comes to marketing campaigns, custom printed promotional products have been an all-time favorite among both marketers and recipients. Online marketing has been on the rise, meaning the landscape has changed. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are some essential tips that will help you make the most of your custom printed promotional gifts, prizes, and tradeshow giveaways.

#1 – Select the Correct Promotional Product for your Audience and Campaign

A good promotional product matches the messaging and branding of your campaign. For hospitals, custom printed medical kits, emergency kits, or thermometers, will do an excellent job at promoting your business.If you’re running a social media campaign, customized Bluetooth speakers will be an exciting prize. For schools, stationery kits or a notebook can be an effective promotional tool. Your main focus should be on selecting the right promotional product that matches your audience’s desires, your message, and your aesthetic.

#2 – Choosing between Cost-Effective Promotional Products or Premium Promo Products

Do you have a tight marketing budget or are you willing to go all in to make an impact? Are you planning for a low-cost promotional product that will get into the hands of thousands of customers? Or should you invest in a high-value promo product that will be cherished by the lucky people who get their hands on it?

#3 – Consider your Service

If you are in the business of selling premium products to a limited audience, a high-value promotional gift will be not only expected from your business.A high-value promotional gift will surely be appreciated by the buyers and CEOs of companies you’re interested in working with. If you’re planning to reach out to promote a wide audience something with a low price point could gain a lot more traction.

#4 –  Get Creative with your Promotional Products

Why not think outside the box? Get a little quirky with your promo products and it will be etched in the minds of your recipients forever. How about ordering a mug that changes color when it’s hot? A TV show about a stressful corporate work environment could make custom printed stress balls. A movie about a scary clown could order custom printed red balloons.The aim should always be to make it memorable with these promotional products. A promotional product that stands out will find a way to make a real connection with your audience.

#5 – Make Something Useful

Everybody appreciates a promotional product that they can put to good use. A high-quality mug or reusable water bottle will be kept for years. A beautiful cotton towel with your brand logo on it will be carried to the beach or the sauna. A strong umbrella with your design on it will be used every time it rains. In times of Coronavirus, hand sanitizers and face masks have high utility. Ensure that the promotional products you choose are truly useful and people will associate your brand with durable, comfortable utility.

Promotional products have evolved over the years. Today brands use promo products to connect with their customers on a more intimate level. Building a strong relationship with your clients and audiences is more valuable than ever and promotional products are a great way to build and strengthen those relationships.