Google’s new search algorithm and its impact over online business

Google?has done it again. They sent their panda out with a set of new rules which has managed to upset the organic searches and page ranking of many websites. Needless to say, businesses that have incurred losses are angry as their online world of search has been dismantled and turned over.

What made Google consider a revision of its rules? Right from the start Google has given importance to user relevant search results. However, lately the company has been getting a lot complains from their users about the jargon they come across, which ruins their search experience. With an aim to address this problem, Google has revised their strategy and added ¡®relevant content¡¯ as a part of their high ranking search criteria.

While some low ranking pages have benefited from this, as their authentic and relevant content has got higher page rank, some previously higher ranked businesses now got a lower rank.. It is estimated that this revision led to business loss of about 1.2 billion. Such an impact on online businesses has raised questions on the authenticity of Google and their operations. However, the fact remains that Google is privately owned, can change its policies independently and the company is the leader in the field of ¡®search¡¯. This leaves the online business owners with no choice but to follow the guidelines set by Google to increase page ranking.

Here are some new business ideas to ensure that your page ranking improves and gives you better results in the page rank:

1. Add Written Content: This is an important first step for any website, especially an ecommerce one. This is because unlike other business websites, the one based on ecommerce usually do not have much content and thereby might rank low on the search engine.
2. Add Relevant Content: It is a usual practice for many websites to add completely unrelated or loosely related content to their websites as a gimmick to get the Google crawler to notice them. Even though this worked in the past, it is pretty useless with the new criteria the company has set.
3. Add Relevant Content to the Partner Sites: Another simple gimmick that the website owners undertake is to have several content related partner sites and blogs to work as back links for their own website. With the new criteria from Google, now the focus is on having quality and unique content on all back links too.

Besides implementing these small business ideas on your website, it is wise to remember that Google has always paid maximum attention to their site being user friendly. Gabriel Stricker, a Google spokesman says, “Our goal is simple: to give users the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible,”. If this basic driving force behind Google¡¯s functioning is in your mind as you plan your online business strategy, you are sure to get it right and ensure that your venture is a success.

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