The famous and the forgettables of Google & Twitter- 2010

Google¡¯s annual most searched list ¨C the Google Zeitgeist is out! Celebrities, movies, music and chat sites dominate the list.

The US list of¡¯ fastest rising¡¯ and the ¡®fastest falling¡¯ is exactly half similar to the global searches with a few positional changes of course. IPad may have come second to Chatroulette on the global list but in the USA, it took over as the topper. Justin Bieber and Myxer are the other common terms on both the lists.

Facebook clearly has more fans among Americans as compared to Twitter if Zeitgeist is anything to go by. While Twitter ranks eighth on the list of the ten most searched global terms, it doesn¡¯t feature anywhere in the top 10 searched terms in the USA.? Facebook may be the last on the global fastest rising list but in the US, it ranks seventh and has nudged out Twitter off the list!


Almost instantly after the Zeitgeist, Twitter also released its list of top trending topics ¨C essentially about what are people talking/tweeting about. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Haiti Earthquake, Google Android and the Apple iPad were prominent topics for discussion here, just like they were some of the most searched news on Google.

When I say that brand positioning on Twitter is very effective, I have a reason. While Google lists out the searches by users, Twitter derives its trends list on the basis of actual tweet conversations or discussions thus making the trends closer to what people actually think and talk about, while Google searches are usually done in an exploratory fashion. Through Twitter, you can easily reach out to your target group, know what works for them and what doesn¡¯t and even promote your business among the group who may actually be interested.

Google search trends can help your business too. Did you know that Google can help you know what terms related to your business are the most searched, when and how much – which will obviously help you in your brand positioning.

All you have to do is first go on Google Insight, type terms associated with the industry you come from for example, if you belong to a promotional products industry, type multiple terms related to the above like promotional items, business gifts, promo items, corporate gifts etc. You can make your search more defined based on geography, category as well as the time frame.

The results will show you how many searches have been conducted for a particular term like promotional products, or corporate gifts thus juxtaposing it with the total number of searches done on Google over the time period you have specified. You will also get to know when the term was searched the most and when the least which can help you strategize your brand positioning initiatives accordingly.

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