Giveaway Ideas That Will Help Beat Stress & Win Customers!

Stress has become an integral part of our lives, whether it’s at work or home. Over the years, people have learnt to deal with stress in a lot of unique ways, giving them a chance to lead more balanced lives.

Businesses realize the importance of using giveaways that can fight stress – what most people don’t realize is that a lot of giveaways help fight stress either directly or indirectly. Featured here are products that can serve as exceptional marketing tools for your business while helping fight stress efficiently.

  1. Stress relievers

Stress relievers are the reigning warriors against fighting pressure at work or home. They are available in a range of exciting shapes, sizes, and colors. Available at economical prices, stress relievers can be used as efficient advertising tools. Our promotional stress balls, for example, have helped businesses win the attention of target audiences for decades – you can do the same as well!

Recommended Buys: Super Smiley Stress Reliever, Captain Smiley Stress Reliever, Happy Wobbler Stress Reliever, and Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever.

  1. Products that help get organized

Planning ahead and getting organized is one way to deal with stress. The best way to achieve this is through gifts that help recipients jot down notes and reminders they can get back to later. Notepads, memo pads, and padfolios can help with your branding in a big way.

Recommended Buys: Pen Pal Notebook, Crescent Padfolio, Post-it Notes 2 3/4″ x 3″ 25 Sheet, and Note & Flag Set.

  1. Products that are soothing to the eyes

Giveaways that help recipients focus on more pleasant things will help your brand immensely. Visual aids such as calendars or photo frames that can feature family pictures are examples of such products.

Recommended Buys: Time Frame,  Seville Picture Frame Clock, Landscapes of America Calendar, and American Scenic Wall Calendar.

  1. Products that offer a quality audio experience

Music has the ability to soothe nerves in an instant – people love listening to their favorite music wherever they are! Invest in our headphones or speakers to ensure that recipients enjoy a more relaxed day at home or work.

Recommended Buys: Jabba Bluetooth® Speaker, Xpand Mobile Speaker, Soundwave Earbuds, and Fx HeadPhones.

  1. Products that help people stay fit

The pursuit of fitness is a stress-buster! Help people stay fit with pedometers, jumping ropes, yoga mats, and other fitness essentials!

Recommended Buys: Yoga Stretch Band, Exercise Mat, Round Step Pedometer, and Hand Grip Fitness Bottle.

Get in touch with us to learn how giveaways can have a big impact for your business. We can provide you with excellent marketing insights for your next advertising campaign. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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