Give Away Engaging Swag Items to Virtual Event Attendees

So you are planning to send interesting and engaging swag to your virtual event attendees? By now, you must be wondering what type of products you can gift? How much do they cost? How long does it take to ship them?

Or, you could be new to the virtual event world and are just beginning to learn about the coordination and logistics needed to pull off a successful event. Either way, we completely get you. We have been receiving all kinds of questions from our clients, especially about running effective virtual events.

The good news is that we’ve got you covered! We’ve been helping our clients navigate the virtual event world and we are here to provide you with some insightful tips and eye-catching swag to make this entire process a breeze.

Let us first begin by understanding the needs of your attendees.

What Type of Swag Will Appeal to Your Attendees

#1 Know Your Audience

Ever went birthday shopping for a friend and came across a tech product that he/she would love? Or have you come across certain types of trendy apparel and thought to yourself, “my buddy would look great in these”?

Choosing a virtual event swag is exactly like that. You need to understand what your audience will like receiving and raving about. The swag you gift to your attendees will speak volumes for your brand and the value it captures. Showcase those values by gifting appealing swag and provide your attendees with a glimpse of your company’s personality.

 #2 Useful & Functional Prodcuts

Your attendees want items that are handy and functional. You need to think critically about your industry, audience, and type of event to pick out the best items to give out.

For instance, if you are a pharma brand hosting an event that revolves around COVID, safety, and health, opt for healthcare and wellness products such as a pedometer, anti-microbial products, health packs, and so on. If you are an eco-friendly brand, giveaway items such as recycled pens, totes, and recycled journals

#3 More Than One Item

If you want your audience to truly capture the sense of your brand, send multiple swag items. It’s way easier to showcase your brand’s personality with few products instead of trying to choose the one perfect product. Also, your attendees will love receiving more.

A good place to start would be to pick two or more, low to medium-priced products such as a personalized tumbler. T-shirt, touchless tool and pair them with a mildly high priced item such as a wireless speaker.

To help you with the decision-making process, we have shortlisted a couple of attractive swag items. We are sure that your virtual event attendees will love receiving them.

#1 16 oz. Blue Monday Travel Tumbler

16 oz. Blue Monday Travel Tumbler

The 16 oz. Blue Monday Travel Tumbler is an insulated travel tumbler with stainless steel exterior and BPA-Free plastic interior. It can easily fit most automobile cup holders and will do a great job of keeping your beverage hot or cold. They are available for as low as $2.50.

#2 Gildan Softstyle® T-Shirt Gildan Softstyle® T-Shirt

The Gildan Softstyle® T-Shirts make for an excellent giveaway. These 100% ring-spun cotton T-shirts feature double-needle sleeves and hem and have rolled-forward shoulders for a better fit. Choose from 30 stunning colors and make them yours for just $3.08. 

#3 Touchless Tool with Stylus Touchless Tool with Stylus

 The Touchless Tool with Stylus is a great way to curb the spread of germs and bacteria. It can help prevent direct surface contact in public places. You can open office drawers, push ATMs pins, hook grocery bags, push elevator buttons, open doors, and do much more with this handy tool. They are available for an affordable price of $1.19

#4 Bluetooth Cube Speaker

Bluetooth Cube Speaker

Your attendees will surely love the Bluetooth Cube Speaker. This portable wireless speaker has an attractive silicone ring and features a compact design that delivers crisp audio. Its 300MAh powered battery will allow you to enjoy music for long hours. They are available for $11.03.

#5 Abruzzo Wireless Charging Pad

 Abruzzo Wireless Charging Pad


The Abruzzo Wireless Charging Pad is an enticing tech product and your attendees will rave about them for months to come. This device offers great convenience by charging your smartphone without the need of using cables. You can purchase them for $9.42.

 #Bic® Round Stic® PrevaGuard™ Pen Bic® Round Stic® PrevaGuard™ Pen

The pens are an all-time favorite among people. These unique pens feature an antimicrobial additive to suppress the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold, and mildew on the pen.  It can also fight undesired odors, and prevent product degradation. They are available in 5 striking colors and you can own them for an extremely low price of $.37.

 #Little Thunder Tote Bag 

Little Thunder Tote Bag

The Little Thunder Tote Bag makes for an excellent alternative for plastic bags. These stylish durable bags will serve your recipients well during shopping. They are extremely lightweight and have a soft construction to make them more flexible. These recyclable bags are available for as low as $1.54.

#8 Strand™ Snow Canvas Notebook and Charger Gift Set Strand™ Snow Canvas Notebook and Charger Gift Set

 If you are searching for a classy gift that will impress your attendees, give away the Strand™ Snow Canvas Notebook and Charger Gift Set. The gift set includes one piece of Snow Canvas Journal and a 4000 mAh slim aluminum power bank. They are currently available for $21.84.

Swag is a vital part of virtual events and will help strengthen the relationship between your brand and the attendees. If you are on the lookout for more items or smart business ideas, then feel free to get in touch with us.

What’s more, to maximize convenience, we at Promo Direct, prioritize to ship your orders as fast as possible. So, if you have an upcoming virtual event and are stressed about receiving your orders in time, don’t worry. You can trust us to provide you a rush service.