Famous Business Visionaries and their ultimate business principal

What makes an entrepreneur a visionary? Someone who achieves tremendous success is often driven by some basic principal, a vision, a set of guiding principles or business ethic that he holds close to himself and implements as his core strategy.

Wouldn¡¯t it be great to know the business principles of the masters? Here are some maxims from the greats that will help transform your business development strategy.

¡°Surround Yourself with People Smarter than You¡±Chris Albrecht, CEO, Home Box Office and George Steinbrenner, owner, New York Yankees

These two highly successful entrepreneurs have integrated this simple idea not just in their business but into their lifestyle, their very being and the thought has led them to tremendous success. With people that are smarter than you around you, you are more likely to gain market and competitive insights, business knowledge and business ideas at speeds and depths that you cannot hope to match ion you own.? You grow, your business grows and your rate of growth grows! The only question is how secure are you in your own abilities to not feel threatened by smarter colleagues?

¡°Remember Who You Are, Not What¡±Brad Anderson, Vice Chairman and CEO, Best Buy

The simplest summarization of Brad Anderson¡¯s passionately held belief is ¡®BE GROUNDED¡¯.? As we climb up the corporate, financial and social ladder, we forget our selves. Status and designations take prime place in our life instead. For instance, ask one of the senior management employee of a multinational ¡°who is he?¡± and he is likely to say, ¡°I am a Vice President or in the senior management of so and so company.¡± Rarely does anyone remember to simply say, ¡°I am a human.¡± Being grounded keeps you in touch with your humanity and consequently with other people, their aspirations, weaknesses and dreams. Motivated people in turn help sustain the motivations and the ideas that you began your business with.

¡°If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right¡±Carol Bartz, CEO, Autodesk

At first go, you are likely to be jarred to get this negative thought from as big an entrepreneur as Carol Bartz.? However, in this negative lies a very pertinent truth.? ¡°If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right¡± means, if you think you cannot do something, you are stuck in the negativity of that idea and refrain from doing those things that are needed to be done in order to succeed. Once this hurdle is crossed, the going gets easier, because you resolve to then find a solution instead of being stuck in negativity. Get it out of your system and your achievements will surprise you too. Because the flip side of this coin is ¡°if you think you can, you are right too!¡±

Business visionaries and entrepreneurs grapple with a range of different business ideas and problems on regular basis. They also come up with solutions to these problems. Listening to the masters leads to a faster learning curve, fewer mistakes and greater success.

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