Different Types Of Promotional Pens Available At Promo Direct

For the past two decades, promotional pens have done a mighty good job of highlighting brands at events, offices, stores, and malls. Since pens are useful gifts, they are put to use immediately and can serve recipients for a long time.

Businesses give away pens for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is to highlight a new product or service. Pens are also given away to show appreciation, to serve as brand reminders, as charity gifts, or as prizes.

At Promo Direct, we have a huge collection of pens that can do your brand a lot of marketing wonders. Many prospective buyers find it difficult to choose the right pens because the selection is varied – we have made things easier for you by providing a detailed description of pens available at Promo Direct!

  1. Retractable Pens

    A retractable pen (also known as click pen) features a spring-loaded ink cartridge. When the user clicks the pen downward using the retractable mechanism, the cartridge extends outside, allowing the user to write efficiently.

Recommended Buys: BIC® Clic Stic, Dart Color Pen, Storm Pen, BIC® Lyric Pen, and Bic® Media Clic Pen


  1. Stylus pens

    We live in a world dominated by touchscreen devices. Stylus pens can help users easily input commands on to digital devices. A lot of stylus pens available in our inventory come with a conventional pen option as well, making them irresistible buys!


Recommended Buys: iWrite Pen with Stylus, Kyra Pen with Stylus and Flashlight, Techno Stylus Pen, Olson Stylus Metal Pen, and Plastic LED Stylus Pen.


  1. Rollerball Pens

    A rollerball pen is an advanced form of a ball pen. It uses gelled ink compared to the oil-based inks used in ball pens. These pens offer a refined writing experience.


Recommended Buys: BIC® Worthington Chrome Roller, Cross Franklin Covey Chrome Rollerball Pen, Bic® Grip Roller Gold, Allegro Roller Ball, and Seacoast Roller Ball Pen.


  1. Gel Pens

    A gel pen deploys ink that has a pigment suspended in a water-based gel. Since the ink is thick, it appears more prominently on writing surfaces than other writing instruments. The clarity offered by gel pens is unparalleled, prompting users to use them to create illustrations and other work that involves creativity.

    Recommended Buys: Triumph Gel Pen, Uni-ball ® 207 Gel (Fraud Protection), Cyprus Gel Pen, BIC Intensity Clic Gel, and Papermate ® Element Gel Pen.


  1. Highlighters

    A highlighter is used to divert attention to certain text by making it stand out with a translucent colour. At Promo Direct, we offer highlighters in fancy shapes and sizes, adding a fun element to them as giveaways!


Recommended Buys: Sharpie Fine, Neon Lights Highlighter White Body, Pocket Highlighter, Tara Pen & Highlighter, and The Nash Pen-Highlighter.


We hope this article provided you with insights on the pen categories available at Promo Direct. We recommend that you go for one or more pens from multiple categories. The low pricing these pens are available at provide you with flexibility while working with your marketing budget!

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