Creating The Perfect Logo For Your Brand

A company in downtown Albuquerque struggled for years with little or no business to do – they offered quality services (better than competitors) but still found it difficult to attract new clients. A simple survey conducted by the marketing team shed light on what was ailing the company – prospective clients found the company’s logo poorly designed and preferred to stay away! They felt that a company with a poorly designed logo probably offers solutions that are inadequate and sub-standard.

The company’s management hired a renowned designer and quickly had a custom design logo created. The new logo received positive feedback and clients started pouring in!

Why is a quality logo important for your business?

Here are some reasons that will convince you about the importance of logos:

  1. A logo is considered to be the face of the company. It is meant to have an eye-catching and meaningful design that quickly provides viewers with an idea about the company.
  2. A logo represents the company in all kinds of marketing collateral. A low-quality logo will find it difficult to catch the attention of prospective customers.

iii. A logo helps to build trust. Customers who have got used to your logo will find it easier to identify with your company. They will easily warm up to any new product or service introduced by your brand.

Things to look out for while getting a logo designed for your brand

  1. Choose the right kind of logo type

Look around and you will notice 3 kinds of logos. The first and most popular one is text-based. It is achieved by giving visual representation to the company’s name. Examples include the popular logos of Microsoft, IBM, and Sony.

The second logo type features direct visual representation of a company’s services. For example, a painting company that uses a brush in the logo. Or an automobile company that features a vehicle in the logo.

The 3rd type of logo features a catchy and abstract design that aims to capture the imagination of the target audience. Nike’s swoosh logo is a classic example. What kind of logo do you wish to go for?

  1. Keep it modern and simple

It’s important that your logo can be easily identified. For this, you’ll have to make sure that it is designed with minimal complexity and fewer colors. This will ensure that the logo stands out on all kinds of backgrounds (website, print ads, and TV ads) where it is applied to.

  1. Keep it in sync with the industry

Your logo has to be relevant and a reflection of the kind of business you do. Perform a competitor analysis to understand the kind of logos used by other entities in the industry. This will help you set a benchmark to come up with the most relevant logo for your business.

  1. Make it memorable

In order to make your logo memorable, it should have a unique and impressive design. This requires a lot of imagination – sit with the team and perform a lot of brainstorming to make this a reality. A memorable logo will ensure that people never forget your brand in a hurry!

  1. Hire the right logo designer

It’s important to get the right person to design your logo. Make queries and reach out to designers who have experience creating logos for reputed companies. Such a designer will obviously be expensive but you can be assured of high quality work.

We hope this article helps you create the right logo for your brand. Contact us if you need insights from our designers! We also invite you to explore our range of giveaways – they are great and will serve your brand well!

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