Building The Link To Your Company Or Product With Colours

When it comes to selecting a high-quality T-shirt, a USB, a travel mug, or a pen as your promo item, the main goal is to elicit a lasting and positive response from your client. Research carried out shows how color matters in branding and how it plays an important role in how we experience marketing.

Our brains are programmed to respond to color. We stop at red traffic lights and signs, proceed cautiously at yellow, and go for green. Colors have been linked to physiological reactions in humans therefore considering the main color selections for promotional items is important when strategizing around your promotional item purchase.

According to research, upto 90% of the judgment of a brand can be based on color alone. It is important to think about the impact that that color selection will have on the effectiveness of your promotional item and your target audience. Here how you can use color to your advantage in branding and marketing your company.

Color Psychology

Yellow – Optimistic, happiness, adventure, youthful, excitement, and vitality

Red – Energy, Bold, power increases heart rate, creates urgency, movement, excitement, and passion

Blue – Creates the sensation of trust and security, tranquility, peace, and harmony

Green – Health, tranquility, power, wealth and nature

Orange – Fun, young, cheerful, creates a call to action

Pink – Romantic,feminine, vibrant, youthful and encourages a sense of confidence

Black – Powerful and sleek, formal, regal, professional, elegance and achievement

Purple – Royalty, wisdom, and respect. Used to soothe and calm

Match The Color Of Your Promotional Item To Your Company Logo

According to a study conducted, a signature color has been shown to boost brand recognition by 80%. Sometimes, carrying out a thorough, psychological analysis of color schemes and tonal variations can mean delving too deep. An easy way to go about it would simply be matching the colors of your company logo and call it a day! It is integral that your brand remains the focal point of the promotional item. By selecting the colors you already use, you’ll be able to build the brand identity you’re seeking, easily, and efficiently.

When choosing promotional items for your organization, the color is an important consideration to make when. After all, you don’t want to end feeling blue! The human brain registers recognizable brands quickly and the colour is a significant factor in that recognition. It’s so important that brands like “Barbie® pink” or Coca-Cola’s iconic red are trademarked.

The goal of marketing is to get noticed and stand out. Colors can affect the brain’s emotion sensors in many ways. Specific colors can influence the choices of consumers which is why using colors effectively and understanding how they affect human emotions and mental responses will greatly serve your branding and marketing goals.It can call for attention, inspire emotions, give assurance, or tap into nostalgia. And most important of all, it helps customers remember you. So select the color of promotional products accordingly to complement your brand and its story.