Branded v/s Non-Branded promotional products

What type of promotional product are you considering for a giveaway this year?The type of product that you select as a corporate giveaway makes a statement about your business. Whether you choose a branded product or an unbranded one can make or break your brand image. So choose carefully when you choose your next promo item. Some pointers to help you decide¡ª


Cost: Using branded promotional products for your brand promotion might hike up marketing costs, but adds to your overall company image, making the costs worthwhile. On the other hand, using non-branded promo products help keep your campaign within budget and what you compromise on quality you make up in quantity by having more items to give away!

Brand Image: Branded promo items give your business the advantage of recognition as an enterprise that doesn¡¯t compromise on quality. Your logo on such products further magnifies the brand image!

Motive: Once you¡¯ve determined whether you want your brand to stand apart from the rest, or if it would be served better with local identification, you can choose the product most suited to your promotional need. Due to lifestyle conditioning, sometimes audiences find it harder to relate to a high-end giveaway than they do to a simple non-branded one.

Event: The event for which you plan to give away your promo item can work as a driving factor in selecting the type of giveaway. A branded giveaway at a private event of the company, where you have a distinguished audience, will work better. This, however, might not be feasible for a large-scale event like a tradeshow.

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