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Do you want to rapidly spread the information about any upcoming event or any announcement for your organization? Visit any local park and giveaway free imprinted Frisbees with your contact details to the people present there. It will definitely work as there are hundreds of people at a park usually.We are pleased to introduce a new promotional product USA (made in USA) to you:
The Confetti Flyer

Outdoor promotional products are great for sports and sports related events. Not only players but even the spectators are exposed to your promotional imprints on those outdoor items. Promotional Frisbees and flyers are one of the most universal products to bring your family and friends closer. It is a perfect combination of sports and leisure, and a pleasant way to pass time on a picnic or an outing with your loved ones.

Promotional flyers are one of the well-thought products to market your brand amongst various people constituting your target group. Many companies are giving away such outdoor items at tradeshows, ribbon cutting ceremonies or product launches, company picnics or gatherings and other such business events.

PromoDirect¡¯s Confetti Flyer is made in the USA with a unique confetti design. But please note that the nature of the ¡®confetti¡¯ pattern is to be different on each flyer. We also recommend bold graphics to be imprinted on this product as fine lines or intricate logos may not be easily readable. (Imprint Area: 5 1/2¡± Diameter)

So why wait?
Buy the Confetti Flyer at the cost as low as $.92 per piece only!

Happy playing! 🙂

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