Be positive about negative publicity.

Am seething and I only read about it! Imagine the frustration felt by the DecorMyEyes (a that deals in specialty glasses) client who did not get the glasses she had ordered, had her complaints sabotaged and got a mail from the company proprietor who smugly described his strategic business plan saying ¡®¡­just wanted to let you guys know that the more replies you people post, the more business and the more hits and sales I get. My goal is NEGATIVE advertisement¡¯.

Are you gaping at the screen? I did too. Lets keep our reservations aside however, and think of business ideas to deal with negative publicity ¨C should you keep it simmering for better SEO or address it immediately? Your strategic business plan need not goad customers to crib¡­

Heard of prevention is better than cure?

Applies to publicity too! Clients with genuine grievances will first complain privately, either via email or a call to your customer care center and as a last resort they go public. You can shape their opinion and its expression if you address their complaints the first time they approach you. A simple way to pacify them is to say you are sorry and send them corporate gifts to let them know that you will be resolving their grievance soon.

Be civil on Social media

Social media works like a double edged sword and suitable business ideas like – responding in a civil fashion to negative comments against you, acting promptly on the complaints posted on social media platforms – can transform negative criticism into positive comments.

Let actions speak

Business ideas focusing on customer loyalty can make your brand image stronger according to a recent LinkedIn poll on Best way to maintain your Brand Image and the best way to ensure loyalty is to keep them happy. Everyone loves surprises, so in addition to acting on their complaints, send deserving complainants business promotional products as spontaneous corporate gifts and they will find it an endearing gesture.

Cues that convey whether you mean what you say

¡­Like whether the tone of your customer care representative is sugary sweet or genuinely concerned, the quality of the business promotional products you send as gifts ¨C whether they are sub-standard ones sent out in bulk or are good quality items personalized well, whether the mistakes are repeated, how soon they are resolved etc.

You agree now, that bad publicity need not give a dark edge to your strategic business plan like DecorMyEyes. With a little bit of fortitude, you can transform sour customers into satisfied ones!

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