8 Sharpie Pens To Choose From For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Sharpie is a renowned brand of writing instruments that includestylish pens, permanent markers and highlighters. Manufactured by Newell Brands and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the brand is synonymous with top-notch quality and years of comfortable writing.

Originally introduced as a single permanent marker, the brand has expanded to include a range of the world’s finest writing instruments.

Our buyers recognize the legacy carried by the Sharpie brand and often place bulk orders for them. Featured here are 8 Sharpie promotional pens and markers that can do wonders for your brand’s marketing efforts. Let’s got through them – these pens are priced low and it’s recommended that you opt for more than one Sharpie product for maximum marketing impact.

#1 – Sharpie® Stainless Pen

The Sharpie® Stainless Pen features a brushed stainless steel body and offers a premium writing experience. It is durable and has a fine tip that delivers precise and consistent writing. This pen has vibrant ink that is acid-free, water, and fade-resistant

#2 – Sharpie® Fine

This pen is available in 10 bold colors to offer the ultimate marketing experience for your brand. It has a fine point with ink color that matches the trim color. It is permanent on most hard-to-mark surfaces. The ink is quickdrying and has a non-toxic ink formula.

#3 – Sharpie® Autograph

This Sharpie black permanent marker has a matching trim color. It features a grey barrel that offers the perfect backdrop for your promotional logo or message. It has fast-drying, acid-free ink. Made in the U.S.A., this pen will highlight your brand well!

#4 – Sharpie® Fine Point Metallic

This pen casts a brilliant metallic sheen on light and dark surfaces. The opaque metallic permanent ink can write on most surfaces. There is no pumping or shaking required to get the marker started – all you have to do is uncap and write. This American product will win hearts in quick time!

#5 – Sharpie® Pen

The pen has ink that is acid-free, fade, water and smear-resistant. It is non-toxic and features an extruded plastic tip that allows for durability and line-width consistency.

#6 – Sharpie® Flip Chart Marker

This marker features a water-based ink formula that does not bleed through flip chart paper or presentation boards. It has a non-squeak, bullet tip and the ink color matches the item color. It has a low-odor formula that’s perfect for classroom or office settings.

#7 – Sharpie® Clearview Highlighter

This product has an advanced gel highlighting system that won’t bleed through paper surfaces. It will never dry out and has the ability to select different line widths and extreme bold color. This pen is available in 4 vivid and fluorescent colors – Pink, Yellow, Orange and Green.

#8 – Sharpie® Gel Highlighter

This innovative Sharpie® gel highlighter will glide over regular, glossy and thin paper without the messy smear and bleeds. What’s more, the gel stick won’t dry up when left uncapped. This product features a two-piece design with clip and can travel well in a chest pocket, pen loop or notebook cover.

We hope you like the promotional pens featured here. We invite you to personalize one or more of these Sharpie pens to gain brand visibility that lasts a couple of years.