8 Inexpensive Giveaways For Small Businesses

Inexpensive Giveaways For Small Businesses

Small businesses often struggle to make an impact with their marketing efforts. This is because they don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive advertising campaigns. What they don’t realize is that promotional items can have a massive impact on their target audience without causing a dent in their marketing budgets.

It’s time to join the legion of marketers who recognize giveaways as truly efficient marketing tools. They consider giveaways as an integral part of a formidable small business strategy for marketing success. So, join us in making your next marketing campaign an economical success.

The products featured below are low on pricing yet high on quality. The low pricing allows you to place a bulk order for these products, ensuring that these products reach a widespread audience and serve you for a long time.

1. MopTopper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen (Fair Skin Color)

MopTopper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen (Fair Skin Color)

This screen cleaner combo with a stylus pen will connect with gadget enthusiasts. The click-action ballpoint pen will provide a comfortable writing experience for writers. The main highlight of this product is, of course, the smiley face accompanied by the tie-shaped clip and mop-top hair. The hair can serve as a screen cleaner while the stylus works well on touchscreen devices.

2. 11 oz. Colored Budget Mug

11 oz. Colored Budget Mug

This product is part of our FREE 24 Hour Rush Service, which means order today and we’ll ship tomorrow! This mug features a glossy exterior and interior. Another highlight is the huge C-handle that offers a comfortable grip for users. This mug is made of Ironstone Ceramic and will last years!

3. Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

This product can be relied upon as an efficient stress reliever. Made of soft polyurethane, it can also be used to keep mobile devices secure. This product will highlight your brand well on desks.

4. Multi USB Cable Key Chain

Multi USB Cable Key Chain

Here is a unique key chain for your next marketing campaign. It features a USB 2.0 cable and 3 charging cables – 2 Micro USB connectors and 1 USB C connector. Made of ABS Plastic, this product features iron and TPE components. All 3 cables can be used simultaneously.

5. Non-Woven Prism Tote Bag

Non-Woven Prism Tote Bag

This spacious tote is a looker! It is made of 70-gram non-woven and water-resistant polypropylene. It features a 3 ½” gusset and 13″ handles. Your recipients will find this tote useful enough for errands to the store or gym.

6. Travel Tote Luggage Tag

Travel Tote Luggage Tag

This suitcase-shaped luggage tag features an ultra-thin and secure strap. It provides an easy viewing of the name through the front window. It opens up easily to reveal full luggage information. Let people take note of your brand wherever these luggage tags are taken across the world!

7. Dolphin Business Briefcase

Dolphin Business Briefcase

Here is another product from our Free 24 Hour Rush Service category. Made of 600D polycanvas, this bag features a zippered main compartment. It also has open side pockets, an accessory pocket and pen sleeves on both sides. This briefcase comes with 12.5″ strong handles and an adjustable shoulder pad.

8. Slipcover Jotter

Slipcover Jotter

This colorful plastic jotter contains 60 sheets of paper. It features a twin loop on the side with a colored slip cover. Made of Polypropylene Plastic, this jotter is the perfect product to jot down notes.

Promo Direct is home to 7000+ exciting giveaways. A good percentage of these products are inexpensive and will help small businesses achieve their marketing targets. Pick one or more of the products highlighted above or get in touch with us for more ideas. You can also ask us for handy marketing tips to take your brand forward.