8 Easy Tips To Retain Customers

8 Easy Tips To Retain Customers

A lot of businesses invest heavily to attract new customers. This is not a bad thing but sometimes a major entity tends to get ignored – existing customers. If you treat existing customers well, then 20% of them will contribute 80% of future business profits.

It’s time your marketing strategy focuses on existing customers as well.

The art of customer retention is something that is gained through the years. It’s important to ensure that every member in your team knows how valuable each existing customer is. One reason why experienced businesses keep their existing customers in good spirits is because they are easier to sell to!

Featured below are 10 simple tips you should use to impress your current customers!

1. Stay in active touch with them!

It’s important to stay in constant view of existing customers. This can be done through emails providing special offers. Or through newsletters that offer great content. Another way to remind them about your business is through non-intrusive calls.

2. Maintain a database

Invest in a quality CRM tool that helps to keep track of customers and their spending. This will make things easier for you while expanding your inventory – you’ll be able to contact the right customers who will be keen on your new products.

3. Provide them with memberships

A membership or loyalty program will help to increase customer retentions. These programs usually come with exciting offers and discounts. So, make sure you add customer-friendly incentives as part of the membership or loyalty program deal.

4. Keep asking for feedback

A customer is likely to feel special when you ask for feedback. Use surveys or calls to find out any shortcomings in your services. Another thing you should do is respond swiftly to address any concerns if the feedback is negative.

5. Deploy a specialist customer relationship team

The way your employees handle customers will make or break your business. Make sure they are cordial and receptive at all times. They should give customers a unique opportunity to express their grievances while providing remedial action in quick time. Make customer satisfaction the #1 priority of your employees!

6. Host interactive parties

Make use of the holidays to invite precious customers for a party flowing with quality food and drinks. Parties will help to strengthen customer relationships, providing your business with long-term friends for life!

7. Become super-active on social media

It’s important to become active on social media – this will help keep track of your customers while gaining new ones. Make sure you use informative posts to keep followers engaged and yearning for more!

8. Distribute useful business gifts

A business gift can help customers remember how resourceful your company is. Browse through our category of business gifts to find the right giveaway for you!

We hope this article helps bolster your sales marketing efforts by renewing customer relationships. Get in touch with us for useful marketing tips and we’ll gladly be of help. We also hope the new year has been kind to your business so far!