7 Spring Marketing Ideas for Companies

Spring Promotional Ideas

The cold season, its shivering temperatures encasing parks and walkways in unfriendly, slick ice, has dissipated into Spring.

American citizens, clumsy in layered clothing, have maximized their time in their heated residences.

And now comes that relieving period where they revel in the outdoors.

Companies will look to target them in a unique manner that the season allows. There are countless ways this can be achieved, but we will focus on 7 proven ways of recent years.

#1 Take Advantage of Outdoor Events

As mentioned, many people may have gone a little stir crazy after the winter, having to stay within their walls for longer than they prefer. Spring entails that most of them will take advantage of the great weather to stay outdoors as much as possible. In tandem, companies should look to hold more outdoor promotion events and take advantage of outdoor events organized by third parties.

They could organize a sidewalk or yard sale in the locality, selling or giving away their push products. They could contact coordinators and organizers of music concerts, sports events, and other outdoor events, to arrange a platform or stall for themselves at the venues. Give away picnic-themed promo products in anticipation of the many picnics your target demographic might organize for themselves.

#2 Festivals, Special Days, and Holidays

During Spring, there are various festivals, special days, and holidays that companies can take advantage of. Barbecue Day is a great target, given that it involves outdoor opportunities for marketing, where friends and families hobnob over grilled meats and cold beverages. Give away appropriate promotional products in this context, such as BBQ sets for cooking, coolers for cold beverages, and aprons for the hosts.

Mother’s Day is another day whereby you can give away themed gift cards and other gifts. Also, try to target more cultural festivals such as Cinco de Mayo, which is themed on Mexican-American culture, involving military reenactments, parades, and concomitant sales of Mexican cuisine, beer, and wine. Drinkware is a great choice for promo product distribution in this context.

#3 Organize Environmental Awareness Events on Earth Day

22nd April is Earth Day, which can be used to responsibly necessitate an attitude of environmental sensitivity in the community. Eco-friendly marketing concepts tend to function under the strategy of corporate social responsibility (CSR), where the company gains a good public image for encouraging ethical and socially constructive practices that aid the environment.

Companies could hold a local cleanup, providing brooms, mops, and bins to volunteers and their own employees. Other ideas include a tree-planting drive, a lecture on environmental awareness held in local schools, or a temporary stall for recycled promotional products. This positively changes the community a company is in and elevates its brand’s status.

#4 Use Vibrant Colors for Your Digital and Print Media

Spring is the season of natural and floral colors. It is the season of revitalization. Give your fonts, ads, social media posts, and web content a makeover. Make sure to use your Instagram and Facebook pages with spring-themed content. Images and art of trees, leaves, flowers, and fruit, and harvest are quintessential to the theme. Design a campaign around the revitalization and reenergizing of the locality.

#5 Help out during Tax Time

Springtime is the time of tax deadlines when customers and prospects have to file in their taxes. Churn out content themed on tax tips and tax refunds. People love when a brand is thoughtful enough to solve their real-life problems, through informative content. Given that many people will be eligible for tax refunds, give out discounted offers that prompt them to spend some of those refunds on your goods and services.

#6 Hold more Social Media Contests

Social media polls and contests are a short-cut to bringing in more impressions, likes, engagements, and shares. Bring in the season’s joy by holding contests on social media themed on a festival, holiday, or the season itself. Perhaps you could ask your followers to share their most creative photos and/or art, based on the theme of Spring.

#7 Target Younger Age Groups during Spring Break

The week of Spring Break should be ample time for a marketing campaign to gather steam. School kids and college students use this free time for various hobbies and outings with their friends, multiplying the opportunity to reach out to the younger demographic. To the beachgoers and picnickers, you can promote your brand by giving away or selling logo-imprinted outdoor fun items, mats, and sunglasses at a booth set up explicitly for the Spring Break crowd. Within the city or town center, you can set up stalls at public hubs like malls, selling or giving away tech products and tote shopping bags, which usually sell like hotcakes among the younger crowd.

The social and emotional value of Spring is one where life blossoms again and things begin anew. Harness this feeling within your promotional and marketing campaigns to reach out to the people that matter to your brand. Contact an experienced promo company like Promo Direct to get more ideas on how to target Spring for better leads and sales.