7 Promotional Products That Help Your Target Audience Relax And Unwind!

Promotional Products That Help Your Target Audience Relax And Unwind

It’s 2019 and a lot of people lead hectic lives filled with stress and a lot of deadlines. They are always on the run, trying to get things done at the workplace while fulfilling family obligations. These people need quick relief, a sort of break away from routine. A nice vacation usually does the trick. But from a business standpoint, how do you help them renew their mind and body while promoting your brand at the same time? The answer rests with using promotional products.

At Promo Direct, we have a wide collection of giveaways that can help your target audience relax and unwind. We have featured them below to provide you with a quick reference so that you can plan your next marketing campaign well.

1. Color Relaxation Coloring Book (Animals)

Color Relaxation Coloring Book (Animals)

Who said that coloring is only for kids? This book has 12 beautiful images of animals waiting for your magic touch. Each image is featured on stock paper made of thick velvet. Recipients will have a great time coloring these animals! What’s more, each image can be framed and hung on walls as works of art.

Each image comes with an inspirational message.

2. Tranquility Spa Scent Kit

Tranquility Spa Scent Kit

This 4.5-ounce jar comes with scented crystals. It also has a mini-spoon that allows the user to extract crystals and dispense them into water. Available in rose and lavender scents, this product features crystals that can dissolve in warm water. Recipients will enjoy bathing in scented water or using this product as fragrance for rooms.

3. Lavvish 2-Piece Body Lotion Set

Lavvish 2-Piece Body Lotion Set

This set contains two 4-ounce bottles of rich and indulgent body lotions. The fragrances available include Lavender & Vanilla. A highlight is the full color imprint available on the box label. This product is safety sealed and meets FDA requirements.

4. Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

Made of soft polyurethane, this stress reliever can serve dual purposes. It can hold up a mobile device and help fight stress at work. It is a durable product that will last years. Recipients and passer-by will have a smile whenever they spot this product!

5. Triangle IQ Game

Triangle IQ Game

This tricky IQ game is a hit with our customers! In order to play this game, you will have to first arrange the pegs in such a way that one hole is empty. Each time you jump a peg, it must be removed from the board. The goal is to have only one peg left standing. Recipients will find this game absorbing!

6. Custom Poker Cards – Full Color

Custom Poker Cards - Full Color

This deck of playing cards will do a great job of giving your branding efforts a boost. It is made of high-quality paper and will provide a great source of fun for recipients.

7. Acro Bot – White

Acro Bot - White

This robot is 4 inches tall. It is made of ABS plastic and has cool expressive faces. The decorative palms are another highlight. The user needs to wind the robot and watch them split and stand back up. Your imprint will appear on the torso.

We hope you liked the products featured here. Feel free to ask us if you need any more recommendations. We can also provide business tips that help to boost your marketing strategy. Get in touch with us for more insights!