7 Convincing Promotional Ideas for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Promotional Ideas for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The U.S. has a long-standing tradition in the month of May. The nation actively participates in events that champion physical wellbeing and sport. The usual trend each May is that healthcare centers, schools, and community centers hold public events to extol the virtues of personal fitness in the gym, home, and on the dinner table. Businesses take this opportunity to leverage their marketing campaigns within these events. Everybody wins.

However, with social distancing making things difficult in the past year, public gyms, healthcare fundraisers, and sports events have been on the decline.

That could be set to change in the coming months with several successful COVID vaccines on the counter. Your company could seek to gain lead conversions at these events by giving out several types of promotional products themed on physical fitness and sport. Your brand could also leverage mindshare by giving away these products to target audiences and employees. The messaging spreads.

Here are 7 promotional product ideas that could make a difference for your brand in this National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

#1 Athletic Apparel

The President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition (PCSFN) originally intended this annual observance to encourage physical fitness among youth in the nation. In 1968, it was expanded to champion the societal value of sport as well. Your brand could give away golf polo shirts among some of the middle-aged and senior employees and customer segments, given that golf is still one of the most popular—and social distance-friendly—sports in that microcosm. For all the home gym enthusiasts, sweatpants and 100% polyester shirts are a must have, and your thoughtful gift for their benefit can create a meaningful brand impression in their minds.

#2 Bags

Sport-related activities tend to require baggage for balls, equipment, and a change of clothing. These products have a decent sphere of influence, usually seen in locker rooms, gyms, clubs, pitch dug-outs, and even on the playing field. Spectators will chance upon your brand logo on these promotional bags if you give them away to the relevant demographic. For example, college athletes. Your brand can make its impression on duffel bags, themed drawstring backpack, and golf shoe bags.

#3 Resistance Bands

Every home fitness enthusiast has to have one of these products to simplify several comprehensive bodyweight workouts. Strength machines and multi-gym stations are usually avoided in the house due to their steep cost and floor space-related issues. So, a large number of people get by with bodyweight and calisthenic exercises that do not need equipment. This handy Exercise Resistance Bands Set holds several thermoplastic elastomer bands that put desired resistance on the targeted muscle group. It is a practical gift for senior citizens as well, who regularly try out simple exercises at home.

#4 Fitness Trackers

What is the best way fitness enthusiasts are held accountable for their workouts? A personal trainer, yes. But a larger number of fitness enthusiasts don’t employ one, and for them, the best way to hold themselves accountable is through a fitness tracker, which calculates the calories burned and miles run. This Fitness & Activity Tracker Wristband comes at a hefty, but the worthy, price, with smartphone compatibility, rechargeable battery, and OLED screen. If your brand wants to ensure quantity over quality, so that a large audience can be reached at a fraction of the cost, then a pedometer is appropriate.

#5 Jump Ropes

Regular exercises are necessary for physical fitness, but they often do not provide free-flowing motions that make a routine fun. Since jogging or playing a sport in an outdoor area is generally avoided due to the pandemic, people are lacking this form of fitness. It can be solved with a jump rope. A jump rope exercise raises the standard for hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular endurance, foot speed, lateral movement, and agility. Instead of them jogging in place, you can use this promotional product to give your recipients a complex activity in their daily workout routines at home.

#6 Bottles and Cups 

Outdoor events, be they in college campuses, stadiums, or parking lots, will always require a shipload of beverages, especially in the summer temperatures of May. Attendees have to hydrate, and even indoor events held in auditoriums will eventually need to organize something for them. That’s where low-cost promotional products like paper cups and stadium cups come in handy. They can facilitate brand recall on a large scale while servicing the event’s needs, even though they are generally disposable. If you want to take it a step further, and enter your target audience’s home, give away the Hydra Chill Water Bottle w/Cooling Towel. It is a set of items for recipients who regularly partake in physical fitness and sport.

#7 Sports Products

Last, but not least, you can help your recipients blow off some steam after their long work-from-home stints. This plastic beach ball is a fun product for the ones who make friends and family to the beach on weekends and holidays. For the indoors, this paddle ball set can satisfy healthy competitiveness in mano-a-mano contests. Your brand’s value can even lie in the fun you indirectly provide.

As long as you target the right audiences and come up with logical choices for your promotional products, you can make a meaningful impact. If you are finding it hard to pick the appropriate promotional products for the occasion, you can always contact an experienced company like Promo Direct for better ideas.