6 Useful Giveaways For National Safety Month (June)

National Safety MonthGiveaways

National Safety Month is an annual observance introduced by the National Safety Council (NSC). Every year, NSC encourages organizations across USA to work together to ensure everybody leads safer lives free of injuries!


Held in June every year, National Safety Month is devoted to raising awareness on the leading causes of injury and death at offices, homes, roads and within communities. NSC’s website provides handy resources that highlight different safety concerns for each week in June:


  • 1st Week: Emergency Preparedness
  • 2nd Week: Wellness
  • 3rd Week: Falls
  • 4th Week: Driving


If you are interested in accessing these downloads, sign up for free on NSC’s website by visiting this link.


At Promo Direct, we get a lot of requests from buyers planning to launch a marketing campaign for National Safety Month. We have compiled some of our popular National Safety Month giveaways for you:


  1. Freddy the First Aid Frog




This interactive book features Freddy, the First Aid Frog. He teaches kids how to help friends or family members when they get hurt. This 16-page book is loads of fun with creative characters! Kids will love coloring these books while learning valuable lessons on safety. This book features word scramble, jokes, word search, and a signature page. You can distribute this book at local schools or among employees for their children.


  1. Highway Emergency First Aid Kit




A recommended buy for frequent travelers, this highway kit comes with Free 24-hour Rush Service. This means that we will ship this product the next day after you place your order! This kit includes jumper cables, a pair of gloves, a tow strap, a reflective roadside triangle, and a first aid kit. This handy product will help recipients stay out of trouble when they are on the move!


  1. Aluminium Emergency Flashlight




This flashlight is the ideal companion in the dark! Featuring 26 LEDs (18 White and 8 Red LEDs), this product has an anodized aluminum body. It also has a magnetic base that attaches itself to any metallic surface. This product comes with 3 AAA batteries.


  1. Rockbrook Survival Radio & Flashlight




Here is another product available with our FREE 24 Hour Service! This multi-tool ranks among the most handy safety products you will come across! It features a dynamo hand-crank generator, a 3-LED adjustable flashlight and an AM/FM radio. Other highlights include a flashing red safety light and an emergency siren.


  1. Safety Alarm Key Chain




This alarm key chain features a built-in LED light and ranks high in our list of handy promotional safety products. Users can pull the pin for the safety alarm in case of an emergency. The alarm can make its sound heard for a distance of about 175 to 225 feet. Batteries and instructions are included. This is a great product to make your customers and employees feel secure wherever they are.


  1. Car Charger With Escape Safety Tool




This charger can fit in all standard cigarette lighter ports. It comes with a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker tool. A handy tool during emergencies, this product helps recipients come out of dangerous situations whenever they are on the move.


Contact us if you need ideas to celebrate National Safety Month. You could also ask for our range of promotional safety wear that can be worn by employees to keep them safe at work. We look forward to interacting with you soon!



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