6 Tips To Win Big Clients

Do you know what separates a successful business from an ordinary one? The answer is straightforward – the successful ones are capable of regularly winning big orders that provides long-term stability and growth that lasts years!

A lot of small business owners struggle to gain large customers. This is because they are not aware about the strategies that should be deployed to win large accounts. The path to winning a large account isn’t complex and can be achieved by thinking big and focusing on long-term growth and success.

Featured below are 6 tips to win big accounts. Follow them and you will be on the path to winning big accounts on a regular basis!

  1. Ensure that your business stands out

For a business to excel, it’s important to have a unique and winning value proposition. Does your business have a unique value proposition? If your answer is no, then I suggest you come up with one! Perform research to understand the kind of services offered by competitors. Understand their shortcomings and adopt advanced and more customer-oriented solutions as part of your business.

  1. Address concerns big companies may have about your business

A lot of small businesses find it difficult to convince big companies about their ability to provide quality services. There are some natural questions a big company has before signing up for services with a relatively unknown firm. These include whether deadlines will be met, how talented employees are, and how good the Customer Support team is.

It’s important to address these likely concerns in the beginning so that potential clients are more comfortable discussing business with you.

  1. Build a strong referral base

Small businesses struggle a lot because they don’t have the brand recognition associated with a big player. So, business networking should have a prominent place in all the business strategies pursued by your organization. Make sure your company is active on LinkedIn and other important social media sites. Your company should also be a regular at industry events. This helps when a potential client performs a background check of your company – they may be able to track someone who has had a positive experience with your services.

  1. Create thought leaders in your organization

It’s important to nurture thought leaders within the organization. For this, you will need to highlight senior personnel or domain experts and have them participate in industry events where they get to showcase their skills. These people can either speak at events or share their insights on social media. Cultivate their potential and use the positivity and goodwill gained through them to your company’s advantage.

  1. Hone the skillful art of pitching to big clients

It takes a lot of effort to pitch successfully to big clients. You will have to be confident about the results – provide them with clear messaging on your strengths and what they can expect. During the pitching process, you will also have to highlight the level of flexibility associated with your services and how prepared you are to perform revisions or provide more ideas. Be open to the idea of providing extra and unexpected benefits during the negotiation process.

  1. Invest in business gifts  

Clients love to be pampered! Make sure you have a steady source of gifts such as pens, bags, or t-shirts to give potential clients a gentle nudge. Check out our range of economical business gifts to get a head start over competition!

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