6 Tips To Gain Excellence In Self-Leadership

You have probably not heard of the word “Self-leadership” before. What does this word signify? And how can it help us become more mature leaders?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Leadership” as follows: the power or ability to lead other people.

Self-leadership takes this definition one step further. It helps us master ourselves from within. After all, how can you lead teams when you cannot exercise control and discipline over yourself?

This article provides you with 6 tips to help you achieve excellence in self-leadership. Read through them and place yourself firmly on the path to greater glory at the workplace.

  1. Be ambitious

Most employees are not ambitious – they are content with what they have. This isn’t a bad thing at all. But it prevents you from seeking greater glory. It places you on the path to a career that may seem unfulfilling at a later stage.

Seek newer goals for your career. Each goal you accomplish will help you become a better leader.

  1. Seek “Me” time more often

A leader lives for his team. He makes sure everybody feels comfortable and leads from the front. In many instances, such leaders forget about setting aside quality time for themselves.

Go on a vacation or set aside an hour each day to meditate about where your life is headed. Spend quality time with the family to maintain the ideal balance between work and home.

  1. Be the first to take initiatives

Everybody loves leaders who show the way. Make sure you take the initiative at getting things done at the office. Don’t just delegate tasks to your team – experience tasks yourself to understand the difficulty associated with them.

This hands-on approach will win you a lot of respect. It will also build better rapport with team members.

  1. Build a good level of inner confidence

A confident leader can do wonders for the team – he won’t be afraid of taking risks.

Are you a confident leader? If your answer is no, then it’s time you started focusing on building a good dose of self-confidence. Read inspirational books and learn from the experts in your domain. This will help you become an inspirational force to members of your team.

  1. Get rid of negative thoughts

Negativity can lead you on the path to nowhere. Make sure you let go of negative thoughts. The goal should be to think positively in all situations – this will help you take charge confidently.

  1. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life

We go through a lot in life, especially at the office. Learn to observe everything that happens around you in greater detail.

Each employee contributes certain skills to the team. They yearn to receive attention and recognition, especially from management. You should learn to spot and appreciate talent at the right time. Nurture an employee’s talent and use it for the betterment of your team.

Did you find these tips on Self Leadership useful? Use them to nurture the excellent leader hidden within you. You could also check out our range of custom wall calendars – they are inexpensive and can help unite team members by featuring a special message from you.