6 Tips To Consider While Choosing Business Gifts

Business Gifts

The Japanese are renowned for generous gift-giving customs as part of their traditional business practices. They usually spend an obscene amount on extravagant gifts in a ritual known as “tsumaranai mon desu ga”. This ritual is a bit complex for Americans to understand but it literally translates to “this gift is of very little value but you should be kind enough to accept it!“.

Since tsumaranai mon desu ga is a common practise, a lot of Japanese businesses don’t get significant ROI on their business gift investments. What they do get is a return or thank you gift called “O-kaeshi”, which is half the value of the original gift.

Corporate gifting in the USA is a fairly straightforward practise. Many businesses rely on gifts for the following purposes:

  • To spread goodwill
  • To thank customers and employees
  • To boost brand awareness
  • To remain relevant and remembered by the target audience
  • To strengthen business relationships
  • To recognize hard-working employees

Here are some tips to help your business gifting efforts achieve expected results:

1. Know your target audience

It’s important to pick a gift that can connect with your target audience. Know their preferences and dislikes. It also helps to keep a tab on the kind of gifts given away by competitors.

2. Arrive at a marketing budget

It’s important to devote a marketing budget that helps your brand stand out. Even if your budget is restricted, there’s every chance you will find inexpensive yet effective giveaways that can help your brand.

3. Add a personal message

Adding a personal message in the form of a handwritten note or engraving will help your company’s messaging stay visible. It also prevents your company’s marketing efforts from looking too promotional.

4. Choose a useful product

The gift you choose should have high utility value. You could opt for products such as pens, mugs or bags. Or you could opt for delectable goodies such as chocolates, pretzels or cookies.

5. Add a touch of creativity

Get creative by opting for new products from our inventory. We have economical products that provide you with impressive imprint area to showcase your logo in its full glory. For example, the Promo Blocks – 13 Block Jumbo or 10 Block Pyramid Set can do a good job of highlighting your brand well.

6. Focus on quality not quantity

A lot of businesses buy cheap giveaways in bulk without focusing on quality. At Promo Direct, our most inexpensive promotional products are packed with marketing goodness! Count on us for products that are high on quality and quantity!

Need more advice on choosing business gifts? Get in touch with us for exciting ideas to impress your target audience on a consistent basis.