6 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

The holidays provide businesses with ample opportunities to reach out to customers. It’s the time when all your competitors will be rolling out something special to snatch your customers! You will have to think extra hard to retain your customers while gaining new ones.

This article makes things easier for you by listing simple and proven methods to help you gain a holiday marketing edge over your competitors. Go through the tips below and try to adopt one or all of them for your marketing strategy.

#1 – Prepare lists of existing customers and create a customized strategy to approach them

Holidays such as Christmas are the right time to approach customers you have served over the years. Some of them probably don’t use your services any more. Prepare separate lists for existing and past customers. Reach out to them with holiday giveaways.

Approach customers from the past and highlight how your company has changed since they last did business with you. Show them why it’s important for them to use your services again. For existing customers, use giveaways as a tool to retain them for a long time.

#2 – Associate a special and unique offer with your services

Everybody loves Christmas offers! So make sure you launch some to gain extra attention. Research has shown that customers keep looking for good deals. Check what competitors are doing and aim to do better than them.

#3 – Adopt a human touch

Use the holidays to adopt a more human touch to your marketing efforts. Reduce marketing jargon and focus on engagement. Listen to feedback – both positive and negative – and make sure you respond to all of them. One place where you can engage with customers is your social media profiles. Make sure you reply diligently to all questions received on your website as well.

#4 – Launch a unique hash tag for your business

Come up with a unique hash tag on your social media profiles that can be used to represent your business. Ask followers to share holiday pictures using the hash tag. The positive visibility gained through these photographs is priceless and will give your holiday marketing a boost. You will get new followers keen on learning more about your services.

#5 – Set up a selfie booth

Do you own a retail store? It’s a good idea to set up a selfie booth so that people can come in and click fun pictures. Announce the booth outside your store to encourage new customers to walk in. A selfie booth can also be set up at the workplace. Announce the booth on your social media profiles and watch as a lot of followers drop in to click selfies.

#6 – Donate to charity organizations

Gain the goodwill of the local community by donating freebies to charity organizations. Make their Christmas extra special with your contribution. This will ensure your business gets more attention locally.

Did you find this article useful? We wish you a lot of marketing good for your next holiday campaign! Get in touch with us for holiday giveaways that can make a difference to your marketing campaigns!