6 Technology Trends Businesses Should Look Forward To In 2019

Technology Trends

There is no doubt that technology has played a major role in how businesses have evolved over the years. Modern businesses rely on technology for the following functions:

  • To provide a computer network for employees to log in and perform daily tasks. Also, enabling electronic interaction with colleagues/clients on a daily basis
  • To ensure automation of office processes such as record keeping, HR management, payroll, and accounting
  • To create a secure environment where sensitive data is protected and maintained
  • To perform research and development that helps to inch ahead of competitors
  • To produce goods and perform quality check processes
  • To create marketing collateral for the physical (print, TV, radio ads) and online (primary website, blog, social media, online ads) world

We are nearing 2019 and technology has come a long way. Featured below are 6 new technology trends that are widely being adopted by businesses. We, at Promo Direct, expect these technology trends to be more common in 2019 and beyond!

1. Significant reduction in material investment

We live in the era of Uber and Airbnb! A lot of businesses are using technology to ensure that customers connect with the services they need. The world’s biggest taxi company doesn’t own any taxis! Similarly, the world’s biggest hotel chain doesn’t own a single property! The digital era has allowed a lot of businesses to flourish without even setting up a physical store. Think about ways your business can rely on digital platforms to reduce material costs.

2. Bringing in cloud-enabled environments

A lot of companies are using cloud-enabled environments to pursue their operational tasks. A cloud platform is affordable and offers small companies more economical ways to run operations.

3. Hiring cyber security experts

The digital age has brought with it a lot of hackers who can access your network without any hassle. It’s important to focus on boosting data security by hiring experts who can thwart such attacks. They may be expensive but the long-term business benefits are manifold. 

4. Setting up a smart office

The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaking up the traditional workplace setup. A lot of offices are thinking of setting up smart security cameras, smart thermostats, facial recognition and other features associated with IoT. Why not look at setting up an IoT-enabled environment at your workplace?

5. Empowering a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workplace

Some companies are embracing a BYOD trend that allows employees to bring their own laptops to the workplace. This helps the company bring down costs while ensuring that employees work on devices they are most comfortable with. Of course, this situation may lead to security risks – a secure network system will be able to take care of all risks involved.

6. Relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analytics

Data analysis can be a time-consuming process. AI systems can interpret information and provide accurate data in a more economical and quicker fashion! A lot of companies are switching from people to AI systems for their data analysis requirements.

Have you adopted any of the technology trends mentioned above? Share your experiences with us. Contact us if you need any small business tips. Our marketing tips and giveaway ideas have helped companies inch closer to their business goals!